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Food Pantry

tn tech pantry

The Tennessee Tech Food Pantry was established as a resource for Tennessee Tech University students and employees in November 2012. 

Our Mission

Raise awareness of hidden hunger on college campuses across the nation and establish and sustain a network for food acquisition, storage and distribution at Tennessee Tech to alleviate hunger among our campus community.

Contact Us

Main Pantry - Location & Hours

September 6, 2022 - May 5, 2023
Tech Village - 910 N. Willow Ave.
Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Auxiliary Pantry - Location & Hours

Angelo & Janette Volpe Library
Hours - same as library

Main Pantry - Contact Information

(931) 372-4067


Auxiliary Pantry - Contact Information

Rose Black - (931) 372-6107

*Because we rely on student volunteers, the pantry will be closed during any school breaks and on any days the campus closes classes

If you are in quarantine and need help getting groceries, please click here or call the main pantry at (931) 372-4067.

For More Information or For Emergencies, Contact us at 931-372-6143.

We now have an auxiliary food pantry location in the library.  This is for emergencies.  The hours will coincide with the library hours, this opens up access for nights and weekends, when the main pantry is not open. They will carry emergency-type items (toiletries, soups, cereal bars, etc.).  


"Volunteering with the food pantry has been a heart warming experience.  I have met so many beautiful people that have taught me valuable lessons for life."
​- Dianne Miner, volunteer

"Working for the food pantry has been a wonderful experience.  Providing food, clothing, and necessities to adults, children, and families through different projects has been one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences of my life."
- Tyler Clayborne, volunteer