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Honors Program

The following scholarships are available to students active in the Honors Program at Tennessee Tech:

  • Bush-Essler (for students planning a career in K-12 gifted education)
  • Fifth Year Honors - several scholarships for Honors students taking on a fifth year of study (includes the Thomas Henry Neal Scholarship)
  • Honors Academic Scholarship (for out-of-state students only)
  • HOPE Lottery (administered by the State of Tennessee)
  • Roettger (awarded for outstanding research by a currently enrolled Honors student in an Honors Directed Study or Honors Thesis)

Application for all of these scholarship are made on ScholarWeb, the TTU scholarship application and management system.

There is a separate application on ScholarWeb for the Honors Academic Scholarship.
Students who receive the Honors Academic Scholarship are REQUIRED to participate in the Honors Program Enrichment Option (HPEO).

Students who receive the University Academic Service Scholarship may choose to participate in the Honors Program Enrichment Option (HPEO) in lieu of a regular 75-hour scholarship service assignment.