Certificate Information for Students

If you're interested in working towards the Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate, here's how to get started!

  1. Talk to your advisor or visit your college's student success center
  2. Look at the table of approved courses
  3. Student should enroll in LIST 3900 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Studies (0 credit) to indicate enrollment in the I&E Certificate program. 
  4. Print out the I&E packet so you can track your progress!
  5. Email eagleworks@tntech.edu if you have any questions and to submit your application!
  6. Don't wait until your last semester to start filling out your packet! Submit early to gain initial approval from the I&E committee.
  7. Student should enroll in LIST 3901 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Studies (0 credit) to indicate completion of the I&E Certificate program. 

What to submit:

  • Create an electronic portfolio consisting of the following:
    • Cover letter for application
    • Plan of study template
    • 1-3 page summary describing each of your I&E activities (for fulfillment of the evidence requirements)
    • Time sheet for each activity (weekly hourly estimate of time spent on project)
  • Submit these to the I&E committee via eagleworks@tntech.edu


  • The plan of study will give initial approval to your plan for the I&E certificate.  This will guide your planning for courses and I&E activity to meet the certificate requirements.
  • If you alter your plan, you must resubmit the amended plan.
  • The plan can be submitted at anytime prior to or with the application. It is encouraged however that students submit their plan prior to engaging in the first I&E experience.
  • The I&E certificate requires evidence of innovative and entrepreneurial activity. By definition, these activities must be directed by the student with all or a majority of the activity taking place outside of traditional classroom, instructor-driven settings. The requirements for achieving 6 hours equivalent experience are the following: 
    • Required to be two distinct activities (maximum 3 equivalent credit hours assigned to any one activity)
    • The activity must include innovative effort, entrepreneurial effort, or both. Possible topics include: 
      • Competing in innovation or entrepreneurship type contests, such as the Eagle Works Competition
      • Independent research, presented at a public forum
      • Starting a small business based on an innovative idea
      • Taking part in an organized program to mentor and train young innovators or entrepreneurs (for example Launch TN programs)
  • Document a minimum of 126 hours for each of the two activities (252 total hours)
  • One activity (3 equivalent hours) must include working on a interdisciplinary team, where interdisciplinary means working with peers outside your degree department (EX: nursing students working with engineering students)

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