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The 2019-2020 year is kicking off with the Maker Challenge!

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Who: All students, all programs, across campus! 

What: Create solutions to problems facing rural communities. Part of the university-wide Grand Challenge, Rural Reimagined!

When: Thursday, Sept. 19 at 5 p.m.

Where: RUC 282 (multi purpose room)

Why: Problem solve, work with a team, win money, and have fun!

The Challenge:

Rural areas are affected by a number of challenges. Some examples are:

  1. Low to no access to:
    1. Grocery stores and fresh produce
    2. Quality physical and mental health care
    3. High speed internet
    4. Transportation
  2. They are also affected by:
    1. Substance abuse and opioid epidemic
    2. Low inclusion and diversity
    3. Lack of nutrition
    4. Lack of childcare

Your challenge is to create an innovative solution to solve one or more of these problems – or a different rural challenge that we haven’t listed. Your only limitation is your creativity! We have various low resolution prototyping materials, as well as large notepads and markers – use whatever supplies you want to develop your idea. This could be a device, an app, a process, a website, a building – whatever you think is a good solution!

You have about two and a half hours to:

  1. Form your team (you may also work alone, but remember, more people=more ideas!)
  2. Design and create a representation of your solution
  3. At 8 p.m. all teams will present to judges
  4. The winning team will get a $1000 scholarship!!!


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