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  • Donate Money

    Money donated to Archives goes toward collecting, preserving, and making University and Upper Cumberland history accessible. We use preservation materials, software, and people to help users access our materials. This is an expensive venture for the library, and we could always use assistance in making this possible!

  • Donate Your Materials

    Tennessee Tech University Archives collects materials from alumni, students, faculty, and student groups to create a better understanding of University life for future researchers. If you would like to donate your personal papers to the University, please read our Collection Policy for University Archives for more information.

    Tennessee Tech University Special Collections collects rare and original materials to support researchers utilizing primary source materials and rare books about the Upper Cumberland Region, especially materials pertaining to Cookeville, TN, Tennessee Tech University, and prominent alumni. Please read our Collection Policy for Special Collections for more information.

    For a deed of gift to give materials to the archives, use this form.  Contact with any questions.

  • Suggest Web Content for Our Collection

    We collect digital information on websites, social media, and other digital materials as it relates to the Upper Cumberland region and Tennessee Tech University. We also target specific University and area events to document it for future researchers and generations.

    You can help us facilitate the fullest coverage possible of specific events as well as Upper Cumberland and Tennessee Tech history!  Please complete the form below to suggest websites relevant to our collection policies. 

    URL Type
    Subjects (select all that apply)
    Tennessee Tech University is not obligated to include your content in this project or preserve it in perpetuity. Decisions to decline submissions will adhere to the guidelines of the institution’s collecting policy and deaccession policy. If you would like to be contacted about this submission, please provide your name and email information:


  • Donate Web Content for Our Collection

    If you have received a request from Tennessee Tech Archives to archive your web content, please complete the form below to give your permission.

    If you have not received a request from Tennessee Tech Archives and you are interested in having your site archived, pleased email

    Acceptance to Provide Access: I grant permission for Tennessee Tech Archives to provide public access to the archived version of the web content.
    Acceptance to Archive Web Content: I grant permission for Tennessee Tech Archives to archive all web content available at the URL identified above (including digital publications and other digital content such as audio and video), as well as other portions of my website/social media page.
    I grant a permanent and nonexclusive license to Tennessee Tech University Archives and Special Collections, maintaining my copyright over the materials. I consent to and authorize Tennessee Tech Archives to make the submitted materials available to all interested researchers to publish, re-publish, broadcast, re-broadcast, adapt, exhibit, perform, reproduce, edit, modify, make derivative works, distribute, display or otherwise use with attribution.
    My name/my organization’s name may be released as the creator of these materials.


  • Donate Student Organization Records

    Archives collects campus student organization records to preserve the organization’s unique story and document student life on campus for researchers. Having records stored in one, central location also enables future organization members learn what the organization has done previously.

    Students and faculty advisors can donate records to the Archives any time, but most find it best donate at the end of the semester and/or during leadership changes. This helps prevent losing records when students graduate or forgetting the context of records over time.

    Archives collects the following records:

    • Constitutions, charters, and by-laws
    • Meeting minutes
    • Reports
    • Membership rosters
    • Handbooks
    • Publicity materials, such as flyers, newsletters, posters, invitations, brochures, and event programs
    • Officer files, such as notes, emails, letters, and subject files about organization projects and activities
    • Social media
    • Websites
    • Photographs and scrapbooks
    • Digital video
    • Artifacts, such as t-shirts, buttons, stickers

    Archives does not accept plaques, trophies, canceled checks, receipts, and analog video (VHS or reel-to-reel.)

    The Archives is committed to protecting people's privacy and personal identifiable information. Sensitive information that we cannot legally or ethically share includes:

    • Individual academic records, such as student transcripts and GPAs
    • Addresses, emails, or phone numbers
    • Individual health information
    • Social security numbers
    • Passwords or PINs
    • Financial records, credit card numbers, bank account information

    Archives will work with you to determine if the records with sensitive information can be redacted or if the record should not be transferred.

    To donate records:

    1. Talk with the members of your organization about donating records.
    2. Compile and review your materials to select records for donating based on the criteria described above.
    3. Complete this brief form, and one of our archivists will contact you to coordinate your donation including record selection, describing records, access restriction, copyright, and material transfer.   

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