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Upper Cumberland School Photos: Unraveling the Legacy of Forgotten School Days

So many photographs, so little time! In August 2023 we uploaded over 15,000 images, but we need your help identifying some images of Upper Cumberland schools from the mid-19th century. Do you know anyone in these pictures or where these schools were located? Comment on our photographs and help us figure out these mysteries! This exhibit can be viewed at:
Black-and-white image of school children and teachers in front of a school in the mid-19th century

Recreating Campus Scenes: Tennessee Tech’s Campus Then and Now

Tennessee Tech's campus has grown exponentially since its inception as the University of Dixie in 1909. Construction brings new buildings to campus and existing buildings undergo name changes. Documented in this exhibit are some of the buildings on campus and a brief history of those buildings. You may notice that some buildings are named after people, and on these occasions the building histories will tell you who the person was and their affiliation with the university. Like the ever-changing scenery at Tennessee Tech, this exhibit will grow as more archival photographs are digitized from our collections.

Recreating Campus Scenes: Tennessee Tech's Campus Then and Now showcases archival photographs from the Photo Services collection dating from 1919 to the 1980s. This exhibit also includes pictures taken by the students of HIST 3420: Archive Management and Research taught during the Spring semester of 2023 by University Archivist Megan Atkinson. The pictures are recreations of photographs located in Tennessee Tech Archives' Photo Services photographs.

Curated by Jenny Huffman with research and digitization assistance by University Archivist Megan Atkinson and the Spring 2023 HIST 3420: Archive Management and Research class at Tennessee Technological University. First published April 6, 2023. The items in the exhibit are held by the Tennessee Tech University Archives and Special Collections unless otherwise noted. This exhibit can be viewed at:
Side-by-side image of the back (west) side of the RUC before renovation and after

Tech Archives utilizes Omeka - a digital platform - to showcase digital exhibits created by the Tennessee Tech University Archives and Special Collections. These exhibits are best viewed on devices with large screens, such as laptops and desktop computers. Access all of our online exhibits here:


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