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November 15, 2022
Family Engagement Night at Jere Whitson Elementary School in collaboration with the Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) Foundation.

This event connected the many of the families of Jere Whitson Elementary (approximately 350 / parent/guardians and children were in attendance) to resources in the Upper Cumberland. Families gathered for an evening of fun health education activities.

Joining the ESTAR Sanos team were local agencies including the Upper Cumberland Development District (UCDD) and the Putnam County Health Department.

ESTAR Sanos Team 2023


L-R: Luisa Groundland, event volunteer; school of nursing graduate assistants Trevor Eason, Taylor Blanton, and Tai Hintz; Professor Melissa Geist, Lab Coordinator Cary Cass; students - Liezl Laurel, Camila Canalejo Medina, and Esmeralda Francisco-Moreno; and, Associate Professor Mark Groundland

Student Comments

Esmeralda Francisco-Moreno, Nursing Junior

“As a member of ESTAR, I have been able to share my knowledge and interest in health and illness prevention with the community. I have met so many individuals through working with this team and have gained great peers.”

Corina Crook, Nursing Senior

“ESTAR has encouraged me to connect with people of many backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. I have collaborated and aided in decreasing barriers by providing free and accessible resources to disadvantaged communities while kindling my love for education, communication, and outreach.”

Trevor Eason, Nursing Graduate Assistant

"Since the onset of our work I have been humbled by our mission, the people we've reached, and the efforts of our team. I never realized how vital sharing accurate information was until I started working with ESTAR. I look forward to a promising future serving people with the principles I have garnered from the ESTAR mission."

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