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EDGE Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for an EDGE curriculum grant?

All full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty and lecturers are eligible to apply. Faculty on one-year appointments are not eligible.

What kinds of assignments or projects should be included in the course re-design?

Assignments or projects that address the student learning outcomes. A student in a STEM course might investigate a phenomenon by examining relevant journal articles and then present their work as a research report and/or a poster presentation. A student in the humanities might research and apply a recent theory or finding to a topic in their discipline, and present their work in a paper or an innovative format. In any course, the proposed re-design should show clearly how an assignment or project will meet the SLOs more effectively than in the previous syllabus.

How could I enrich a service learning course with creative inquiry activities?

As an example, if in a particular course the instructor has incorporated either one large service learning project or several small projects, aspects of the planning of the event OR each individual project could be aligned with the SLOs. The process of assessing needs as well as the process of planning and executing such projects, gathering necessary information regarding the service and the dissemination of final service project itself all could apply to meeting the requirement of aligning the course with the SLOs.

Can my students work in teams?

Teamwork is encouraged, however, each student must be assessed for their achievement of each SLO.

When will I know if my project has been funded?

You will be notified by Nov. 13 with regard to the decision for your project.

If I receive a CI curriculum grant do I have to teach this course again when it is taught next?

Decisions such as this are made on a departmental level, however, as mentioned above, once a course has been supplemented with a CI grant and redesigned to include CI activities, it is expected that those activities will remain part of the course in semesters following the grant period, regardless of who teaches the course.

If I have a question about the Curriculum Grant Program who should I contact?

Contact the QEP Director, Lenly Weathers; the CISE/URECA! Director, Ed Lisic; or any of the Faculty Fellows: Shelley Brown, Melissa Geist, Kim Winkle, Jennifer Meadows or Robby Sanders.

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