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    Setup and judging

    • DATE -------- Wednesday, April 6, 2016
    • TIME --------- TBA
      LOCATION --- Multipurpose Room


    • DATE -------- Thursday, April 7, 2016
    • TIME --------- TBA
    • LOCATION --- Multipurpose Room /
      Noble Cody

    Research may be defined as intensive systematic investigation into a subject in an effort to discover new facts or apply current knowledge/techniques to better understand a system. The 10th Annual Student Research Day at Tennessee Tech University is an effort to emphasize the significance of research in postsecondary education; and to recognize the diverse areas of research unique to the different disciplines. The poster exhibits will be held in the Roaden University Center Multipurpose Room on Thursday, April 9, 2015. The poster competition includes an undergraduate and graduate division. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Posters will be judged and awards will be presented for the best posters.

    Abstract Guidelines and Information

      • The abstract of your project will be printed in the Research Day program.
      • The abstract should be a concise summary of the work being presented. It should be carefully prepared and proofread to avoid mistakes.
      • Limit your abstract to 250 words or less.
      • Titles should contain no more than 12 words.
      • Author(s) should be listed with the senior/primary author’s name appearing first.

    congratulations to the 2015 WINNERS

    I. College of Agricultural and Human Sciences


    Undergraduate: Colton McClanahan, “Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Mathematics in the School-Based Agricultural Education Curricula”

    Department:Human Ecology

    Undergraduate: Yunmi Jung, “Why Do Millenials Go to Farmers’ Market?”

    Graduate: Cara Sisk, “Children With Diagnosed Disabilities: Perceptions of Health Care Experiences”

    II. College of Arts and Sciences


    Undergraduate: Kelly Dunham, “Development of a Practical Disinfection Method for the Invasive Alga Didymosphenia Geminata”

    Graduate: Lucas Hix, “Environmental Factors Regulating Presence and Abundance of the Invasive Alga Didymosphenia Geminata”


    Undergraduate: Sydney Marchi, “Design and Synthesis of Pyridinyl-1,2,4-Triazine Ligand Scaffolds Towards Chemoselective Minor Actinide Extraction”

    Graduate: Samar Aldhahry, “Computational Study of Acetylpridine Thiosemicarbazone Compounds, and Their Copper Complexes”

    Department: Earth Sciences

    Undergraduate: Tyler Riggle, “Mesozoic Faulting Controls on a Cenozoic Channel System, Near Offshore Nova Scotia”

    Undergraduate: Charles Rust, “Characterization of Mudstone Architecture: Implications for Permeability and Porosity”

    Department: Sociology and Political Science

    Undergraduate: Morgan Coffey, “Assessment of Undergraduate Child Life and Social Work Stereotypes Following Interdisciplinary Collaboration”

    III. College of Business

    Department: Accounting and Law

    Undergraduate: Wesley Lisic, “Analysis and Categorization of Costs Associated with Cookeville Regional Medical Center”

    Department: Economics, Finance and Marketing

    Undergraduate: Vanessa Goecking, “The Willingness to Pay for Local Public Goods”

    Department: International Business and Cultures

    Undergraduate: Janina Maria Katharina, “Influence of International Exchange on Perception of Interpersonal Skills Among Business Majors”

    IV. College of Education

    Department: Counseling and Psychology

    Undergraduate: Taneal Burch, “The Relationship Between Personality, Recreational Reading, and GPA”

    Department: Curriculum and Instruction

    Undergraduate: Samantha Lisic, “Technology in the Classroom”

    Graduate: Ashley Akenson, “Horticultural Therapy: A Tool for Improving Sociability Among Participants with Mental Illness”

    Department: Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness

    Undergraduate: Jackson Chambers, “Relationship Between Hand Span and Grip Strength”

    Undergraduate: Daniel Herod, “What Effect Does Speed Have on Endurance?”

    Department: Music

    Undergraduate: Sarah Mcmichen, “Relating Humidity to Reed Cane Thickness and Sound Quality”

    V. College of Engineering

    Department:Chemical Engineering

    Undergraduate: Evan Dover, “PD-Catalyzed Iterative BIS-Animation of Dibromo-1,2,4-Triazinyl Complexant Scaffolds”

    Graduate: Ojas Chaudhari, “Discerning the Mechanism of Interaction for Organic Molecules in Portland Cement”

    Department:Civil Engineering

    Undergraduate: Joseph Thornton, “LIDAR Compared to Other Geometric Data in HEC-RAS”

    Graduate: Oluwadare Oladapo, “Enabling Sustainable Decision-Making for Source-Separated Municipal Solids Waste

    Department:Computer Science

    Undergraduate: Christa Cody, “The Use of Decision Trees for Energy Fraud Detection in Smart Meters”

    Graduate: Vitaly Ford, “Reliable and Efficient Protection of Consumer Privacy in Smart Metering Infrastructure”

    Department:Electrical Engineering

    Graduate: Oluwaseun Aribido, “Data Collection, Learning and Prediction for Wireless Radio Networks”

    Department:Mechanical Engineering

    Undergraduate: Cesar Contreras, “Finite Element Modeling of Embedded Piezoelectrics in Knee Replacements Bearings”

    Graduate: Chase Ray, “Evaluation of Piezoelectret Foam in Stack Configuration for Low-Level Vibration Energy Harvesting”

    VI. College of Interdisciplinary Studies

    Department: Environmental Science-Chemistry

    Graduate: Brian Agee, “Development of an Alternative Energy Synthetic Pathway to Ibuprofen”

    Department:Environmental Science-Biology

    Graduate: Natalie Knorp, “Effects of a Nuisance Alga on Benthic Food Web Structure and Function”

    VI. Whitson-Hester School of Nursing

    Department: Nursing

    Undergraduate: Lauren Little, “Effects of Interprofessional Interaction on Nursing Students’ Perspectives of Other Healthcare Majors”


    (Note: Students are listed according to their submission of abstracts for the
    10th Annual Student Research Day booklet.)

    1. Kelly Dunham

    2. Melea Andrew

    3. Ai Lin Chin

    4. Sydney Marchi, Serene Tai

    5. Evan Dover

    6. Rosa Weems, Mekenzie Weems

    7. Leora Maxwell

    8. Olivia Grisham

    9. Carly Owens, Lisa Welch, Miguel Mendieta

    10. Briana Scott, Katelyn Webb

    11. Teresa Antuna

    12. Katelyn Webb, Briana Scott

    13. Katie Reasonover

    14. Dakota Guidry, Heather Harris

    15. Colton McClanahan

    16. Kristin Oglesby, Chelsea Ladd, Teri Antuna

    17. Chelsea Ladd, Kristin Oglesby, Teri Antuna

    18. Margaret Laratta, Amanda Higgins

    19. Caytlin Lunn

    20. Marlene Yosef, Shawn Krosnick, Ernesto Sanchez

    21. James Jordan, Alexander Cleveland, Michael Probasco, John Kirby

    22. David Beck, Paula Ngo, Jerry Swallows

    23. Kelsey Richards, Kayron Tevepaugh, Laetitia Delmau

    24. Amanda Higgins

    25. Joel Laine, Jeannette Wolak

    26. Tiffani Milligan

    27. Shawna Simpson, Jenny Conner

    28. Joseph Thorton

    29. Morgan Bocci

    30. Emily Schiller

    31. Marian Butner, Catherine Craine

    32. Devyn Mitchell

    33. Christina Jennings, Mary Nalan, Clara Ross

    34. Scott, Bradley McGill, Nathan Riggsbee

    35. Mattie Monroe, Ashley Barnes

    36. Cesar Contreras

    37. April Parkison

    38. Lisa Welch, Carly Owens, Miguel Mendieta

    39. Wesley Lisic

    40. Samantha Lisic

    41. Charles Rust, Jeannette Wolak, Frank Stapor