Office of Creative Inquiry / QEP

Creative Inquiry Defined by QEP / Student Learning Outcomes

We define creative inquiry as:

The process of exploring issues, objects or works through the collection and analysis of evidence including combining or synthesizing existing ideas, products, or expertise in original ways to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.

Student Learning Outcomes
1. Students will effectively use digital information search tools.
2. Students will formulate a creative inquiry question or problem.
3. Students will explore a creative inquiry question or problem.

3.1 Choose an appropriate discovery process to address the problem.

3.2 Collect information relevant to the problem.

3.3 Assess collected information in a discipline‐appropriate manner.

4. Students will create an original scholarly or creative project.

4.1 Applying critical thinking skills and/or

4.2 Applying creative thinking skills

5. Students will communicate their findings/creations/art/inventions in a discipline‐appropriate manner.

These five SLOs are intended to be inclusive to all departments and programs, but an alternative phrasing of any SLO that maintains the intent of that SLO is acceptable.

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