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  • A History of the Great Lakes 2020 (TN Rare Fishes Meeting, 3/11/2020)
  • Tennessee Tech University:  Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research Unit (USGS Meeting, 3/10/2020)
  • USGS Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center (USGS Meeting, 3/10/2020)
  • UT Knoxville:  Aquatic Conservation Science and Macroecology in the Giam Lab (USGS Meeting, 3/10/2020)
  • UT Knoxville: Exemplar Projects and Collaborative Linkages (USGS Meeting, 3/10/2020)
  • UT Knoxville:  Managing At-Risk Species in Pacific Island Streams:  Benefits of Connectivity and Invasive Species Control Across Complex Landscapes (USGS Meeting, 3/10/2020)

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