Social Media Guidelines

The Tennessee Tech Guidelines for Social Media Participation


What guidelines?

The Office of Communications & Marketing has established social media guidelines to help our campus community navigate and be successful on social media. Find the full Social Media Policy and Guidelines here. Please make sure you have read and understand these guidelines before engaging in any social media activity on behalf of the university. Have questions? Email for help.


So, you want to start a social media account?

Awesome! We encourage offices and departments to have a presence in the social media sphere when it makes sense. Social media should be worked into your overall communications plan and is not a stand-alone, create-and-forget solution. There are some important questions to ask yourself before getting started. University policy requires that all university social media accounts be created by the Office of Communications & Marketing who will then grant access to appropriate individuals within the college, office or unit requesting the account. We will start with a chat to discuss your social media needs and to create a social media plan that will work for you. Email us at to get started!


Handles, hashtags and who we are

Social media accounts are an extension of the university brand, so it is important that we maintain standards across platforms. #WeAreTNTech. That means, we use TNTech for social media handles and hashtags or anytime an abbreviation for the university is needed on social media. Do not use TTU. Check our hashtags page for a list of current university hashtags and information on which ones to use when. Because hashtags become part of the university’s extended brand, the Office of Communications & Marketing does require any individual or department interested in creating or using a new tag that aligns with the university to get approval before using the tag. Email hashtag suggestions to at least one week prior to any intended use.

When engaging on social media, represent your university with a tone that is friendly, intelligent, innovative, supportive, humble and collaborative. When crafting content for your pages, keep the Tech brand story in mind, describing Tech in terms of Genuine Community, Transformative Experiences and Your Opportunity.



Once your social media pages are up and running, stay up-to-date on social media trends and social activity happening across campus by attending regular Social Coffee gatherings hosted by the Office of Communications & Marketing. Get the invite in our monthly social media newsletter, which also includes loads of helpful info on social trends and best practices. This newsletter is sent to all campus social media managers. If you manage an account and do not receive our newsletter, please email us at so we can add you! You’ll also want to have your accounts included in our Social Media Directory.


Emergency Communications

The Office of Communications & Marketing manages primary university social media accounts and is responsible for communicating emergency notifications on social media when situations warrant such. Follow us for updates and share our messages, but leave emergency announcements to be posted by main accounts first.

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