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How do I get Advised?

New Students

As a newly admitted student to Tennessee Tech, you may be required to complete new student orientation as part of your enrollment process for your first semester on campus. Orientation provides new students information about their program of study (including advisement & registration), campus resources, student life, and career development opportunities. Additionally, you will be able to meet other Tech students to learn more about your major and curricular & co-curricular opportunities for students. For more information about orientation and preparing for your first semester on campus, visit the Office of New Student & Family Programs website.

New Student Orientation Information

Current Students...

After your first advisement session and during your first semester on campus, you will be assigned an academic advisor. Your academic advisor (either a professional or faculty advisor) will contact you to schedule an advisement appointment once the advisement period begins for the upcoming semester. Before you meet with your academic advisor, please review our "Before Advisement Checklist" below.

  • How do I find who is my advisor?

    Current Students... You can look up your academic advisor's name in TechConnect. Once you login, look for the "Your Success Team" section on the student home screen. Also, in TechExpress (, look for your "My Advisor" card.

    Note: If you do not see an advisor assigned to you, please email or contact the Student Success Center for your academic major. 

  • How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

    Current students will use TechConnect to schedule an appointment with their academic advisor unless otherwise instructed by the academic department or their academic advisor.

    To schedule an advisement appointment within TechConnect, navigate to and click the "Login to TechConnect" box.

    1. Once you see the login portal, use your campus domain username (first half of your email address before the "@" sign) and password to login.
    2. Locate and click the "Make an Appointment" button on the right of your Student Home screen.
    3. Following the onscreen instructions, you will choose the appropriate options regarding the type of appointment you would like to schedule.
      • For Advising, ensure you select the type of advisor your college has assigned to you (e.g. Faculty Advisor or a Professional Advisor within your college's Student Success Center).
    4. After selecting your advisement location, click "Next" and you will see available dates and times to schedule your appointment.
    5. After selecting a date and time, you will see a summary of your appointment request along with any additional details regarding your appointment.
      • You may also leave a comment for the staff or representative regarding your appointment. This allows you to expand on why you would like to meet and allows the staff/team member to prepare for any questions or concerns you may have.
    6. Click "Confirm Appointment". You will then receive an appointment confirmation.
      • You can always see any of your TechConnect scheduled appointments by clicking on the "Calendar" icon or when you're on your Student Home screen under the "Upcoming Appointments" section.

    TechConnect Student Resources & Help Site

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