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Welcome to the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology (CAHE) Student Success Center! Our Mission is to serve all freshmen and sophomores earning degrees in the fields of Agriculture and Human Ecology through accurate academic advising, development of education plans to meet career goals, and access to university resources. Our center empowers students to develop the skills necessary to be leaders within their fields and take responsibility for their education in order to be successful inside and outside of the classroom!

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Student Success Center Services

  • Academic Advising

    For freshmen and sophomores who have earned 45 credit hours or fewer (30 credit hours or fewer for Child Life and Nutrition & Dietetics Concentrations), your primary advisor will be Mr. Chris Kohl. Students are able to schedule an appointment with Mr. Kohl to be advised through TechConnect. Students who have earned over the number of credit hours listed above will meet with the faculty advisor for their concentration.

  • Student Success Appointments

    Have questions regarding your major, registering for classes, organizing your schedule, or other issues which prevent you from reaching your goals? We are happy to meet with you and help you through any obstacles you may encounter. To schedule a meeting, please make an appointment through TechConnect.

  • AGHE 1020

    AGHE 1020 is a first-year experience course to introduce first-semester freshmen into the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology, and the Tennessee Tech University as a whole.  It strengthens student’s connection to Tennessee Tech and their peers by engaging the student in meaningful academic and non-academic activities both in and out of the classroom. 

    Course Goals

    • Build meaningful connections with

      • Other students

      • Faculty and staff in the College

      • Student life of the university

      • Available resources and support systems for both academics and social

    • Integrate students’ college experiences with their plans and career ambitions

    • Demonstrate proficiency in the identification and evaluation of information sources to support academic inquiry and to introduce students to elements of creative inquiry/research

    • Exercise written and oral communication skills to discover, develop, and articulate ideas and viewpoints

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