Clay N. Hixson Student Success Center


- SHPE at Conference

- Spring Senior Design Expo with Students & Industry Project Partners

- College of Engineering Student Leadership

- FSAE Competition Team at Conference

- Spring College of Engineering Career Fair

- Student Organization Meetings

- ASCE Alumni & Student Mixer

- College of Engineering Student Ambassadors

The College of Engineering offers plenty of opportunities for students to network. Networking is about interacting with people to exchange useful information and develop contacts. Building strong relationships with a variety of people—peers, faculty, graduate students, alumni, industry leaders, professional and student associations—lays a foundation for your future and can lead to internships, employment opportunities and experience.  It is a great way for university students to meet a variety of people inside and outside of engineering, and the Clay Hixson Student Success Center can get students started with plenty of student organizations, career networking opportunities and other events. We encourage students to get as involved as possible in meeting people and practice their networking skills for a successful future.

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