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Find a program

Find a program that you want to attend and fits into the framework of your degree.  Choose a place that will inspire you and allow you to study, explore, and meet new people.  Get more information about programs here: Search For Programs


Evaluate Financials

Studying abroad can be affordable, but it can also get expensive.  Some of the Tennessee Tech partner universities offer additional funding. Make sure to plan out your financials and create a budget.  Apply for scholarships and take advantage of the airfare reimbursement. Get more information at Financial Matters

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Passport and Visas

Apply for a U.S. passport book (takes 4-5 weeks depending on the time of year) and get (if applicable) a student visa for the country you will be studying in.  Some countries have stricter visa regulations than others so, begin the process as soon as you get the acceptance letter from the host university. Ask the Center for Global Experiences for more details on how to apply for the visa.


Getting There

There is quite a lot of paperwork that must be done and deadlines to meet.  The deadline for Summer and Fall is March 15th and for Spring and J-term is October 15th.  You must do the paperwork for the Study abroad office, for the host university/program, and, if applicable, for your visa. The Center for Global Experiences at Tennessee Tech and the host university will help you every step of the way. The forms due to the Center for Global Experiences can be found here: Forms




Enjoy the Adventure

Now that all of the logistics are complete, make sure and enjoy your study abroad trip.  Keeping up with school is important, but make sure to explore new places and meet new people.


Follow Up

After your study abroad program is completed, make sure to follow up with the Center for Global Experiences.  Get your transcript and grades back and make sure the credits are transferred to your Tennessee Tech transcript.  Also, you will need to complete your 10 hours of service for the airfare reimbursement. Please see the Service Hours Options page for more details. Most importantly, start planning your next adventure!

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