Center for English as a Second Language


Cost of the C.E.S.L. Program


C.E.S.L. Instructional Hours per week:

Students will be enrolled in 20 hours per week, this includes Reading & Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Listening & Speaking, and special topics courses (e.g., Pronunciation) over 7-week term: 114 contact hours or 228  contact hours in a 14-week period.

Tennessee Tech University is a SEVP-Certified school which is permitted by Federal Law to issue immigration documents for non-resident students who join the C.E.S.L. Intensive English Program.

If you receive acceptance into C.E.S.L. and will attend school in F-1 status, you will receive the Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant (F-1) Student Status – For Academic and Language Students.

C.E.S.L. Courses (levels 1-3):

 An ESL program, generally referred to as an Intensive English Program (IEP) in the U.S., is a language program that does not allow students to take credit-bearing university courses.  20 hours of contact time is the minimum requirement by the USCIS/ SEVP.

  • The C.E.S.L. program at Tennessee Tech University, will be 20 hours per week, each session will be 7-weeks.   Cost for 20 hours for 7-weeks will be: $2400

Part-Time Studies in C.E.S.L.

  • Some students may want to take only 1 class in C.E.S.L.;  we do have options for part-time students. 

  • Ala carte options (student may opt to take only one of the 4 parts of the curriculum at a separate cost).

  • Reading & Vocabulary $700 for 4 hours per week for 7-weeks
  • Writing   $700 for 4 hours per week for 7-weeks
  • Grammar $700 for 4 hours per week for 7-weeks
  • Listening and Speaking $700 for 4 hours per week for 7-weeks


Students will need to purchase online textbooks once placed into a level for each of their classes. C.E.S.L. instructors will help students go through this process, but students should be prepared to pay $100-200 dollars for books.

Apply to the Center for ESL

Intensive ESL is $1715 US Dollars for 5 weeks or for the full 10 weeks  $3430 

*Tennessee Tech's Summer term will be two 5 week sessions as we will follow the school's summer semester.   
These prices would be for 7 weeks Full time ESL 20 hrs. for  7 weeks

Part-time (ala carte module options)


Level 5

Reading and Vocabulary  Writing  Grammar   Listening & Speaking Pronunciation  
Level 4 Reading and Vocabulary  Writing  Grammar   Listening & Speaking Idioms  
Level 3 Reading and Vocabulary  Writing  Grammar   Listening & Speaking American Culture   
Level 2 Reading and Vocabulary  Writing  Grammar   Listening & Speaking Test Preparation  
Level 1 Reading and Vocabulary  Writing  Grammar   Listening & Speaking    

Note: Each of the 5 levels will be four 50-minute class blocks of Reading & Vocabulary;  four 50-minute class blocks of Writing;  four 50-minute class blocks of Grammar;  four 50-minute class blocks of  Listening & Speaking and a variety of electives held on Friday.

C.E.S.L. will have 5 levels; with four separate topics for the students to participate to improve their language skills:  Reading & Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, and Listening & Speaking.  Lower level students should take these courses concurrently, although it might be possible for them to take the courses separately. 

  1. Novice (starting)
  2. Intermediate 
  3. Advancing
  4. College Ready
  5. Proficient