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What are my Housing Options at Tennessee Tech's Center for ESL (C.E.S.L.)?


Housing Options for C.E.S.L. Students

Residential Life at Tennessee Tech is a living/learning community that seeks to serve society by developing the leaders of tomorrow and extending opportunities to enhance individual identity.  

Housing Options

Housing Rates

Residential hall rooms at Tech range from $3084 to $4070 per semester for a double room. Single rooms are much more expensive!

Students who live on campus are required to purchase a meal plan.  If a student has a special diet, we recommend they live off-campus so they can prepare their own meals. 

Typically, most international students prefer to live off campus, as apartments are reasonably priced in the area. Cookeville and the region around here has one of the lowest cost of living in the USA. In addition to apartments, international students can choose to live with a Home Stay family. 

Tennessee Tech's Dining Services has unlimited options ranging from $2874 to $3054 .These usually include dining dollars to use on the restaurants on campus, guest meals, and unlimited access Monday through Friday.

Additionally many Center for ESL students opt for the Block plans which offer students the chance to buy blocks of meals, like 125 meals, or 95 meals or 65 meals or 40 meals. The prices range from $625 to $1974.

Meal Plan Options

Meal Option Locations

More Information on Dining On-campus

Information on the Residence Halls

Capital Qual

Capital Quad is located on the southwest end of campus along the corner of Peachtree Ave and 7th Street. 

Main Quad

Main Quad is located south of Derryberry Hall and Crawford Hall is located in the southwest corner of the quad, across the street from Bell Hall on 7th Street.

Pinkerton Quad

Pinkerton Quad is located on the East side of campus along N Dixie Ave and is across from the Roaden University Center.

Additional information on Residence Halls

Summer Meal plan options for students living on campus

  • Meal plans - $1400 for 95 meals + $400 dining dollars
  • Housing cost $1650 for double room for the summer term
  • Single room $1730 to $2010 for the entire summer term
  • There is a $200 deposit to reserve a dorm on campus.

Sorry we are no longer offering host families