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Residence Halls

Capital Quad

Capital Quad is located on the southwest end of campus along the corner of Peachtree Ave and 7th Street.

Browning (BRNG) & Evins (EVIN) Halls
Cooper (COOP) & Dunn (Dunn) Halls
Ellington (ELLG) & Warf (WARF) Halls

Maddux (MDDX) & McCord (MCRD) Halls

Main Quad

Main Quad is located south of Derryberry Hall and Crawford Hall is located in the southwest corner of the quad, across the street from Bell Hall on 7th Street.

Crawford (CRAW) Hall

Pinkerton Quad

Pinkerton Quad is located on the East side of campus along N Dixie Ave and is across from the Roaden University Center.

Jobe (JOBE) & Murphy (MURP) Halls
MS Cooper (MSCP) & Pinkerton (PINK) Halls
New Hall North (NEWN)
New Hall South (NEWS)

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