Frequently Asked Questions

  • Address Notification

    Always be sure to update any address changes with the Office of Records and Registration Office and the Office of Residential Life.

  • Initial Application

    A student should apply online on our website. If you have questions please contact us at or by calling our office at (931)372-3414.

    We begin accepting applications on October 1st for the next academic year.

  • Reapplication

    For returning residents the housing reapplication process is announced in March of each year.  This announcement includes complete details on how to reapply for campus housing.  This information will also be posted on the reslife website, posted in each residence hall and advertised on our reslife social media pages.

  • Cancellation Request

    A student can receive a refund of his/her prepayment before the effective date of the contract by submitting written notification or email ( of cancellation to the Office of Residential Life by May 1st for the fall semester and/or an academic year agreement; by December 1st for spring semester only agreements; or by May 1st for either summer session before the initial semester of the residence hall agreement becomes effective. Refunds are subject to the terms and conditions found in the on-campus housing agreement.

  • Changes to Application

    • New Applicants: When a housing application is submitted to the Office of Residential Life, you can request changes to that application as long as your assignment has not been made and it is before May 1st. Residential Life reserves the right to modify or cut off this date as needed. After May 1st we will still make a record of your request but we MAY NOT be able to change your assignment to honor that request. See in-hall room transfer online information, Guide for Successful Living, for room change details.

    • Returning students with spring hall assignments: Returning students will comply with room renewal and select their room and roommate in the spring. Room renewal is completed during applicable time periods. Any changes must be completed by the end of spring final exam week. Residential Life reserves the right to modify or cut off this date as needed. See in-hall room transfer online information, Guide for Successful Living, for room change details.

  • Cleaning

    Although custodial workers are employed in all residence halls to keep public areas and community bathrooms clean, you are expected to clean your own room. A New Hall North or New Hall South resident is responsible for cleaning his/her own room and bathroom.

  • Co-Ed Residence Halls

    One Residence Hall - Crawford Hall, all female

    Two Residence Halls – Browning Hall and Evins Hall, all male

    Co-Ed Halls - Cooper, Dunn, Ellington, Warf, Maddux, McCord, New Hall North, New Hall South, MS Cooper, Pinkerton, Jobe, and Murphy Halls

  • Commute

    All freshmen are required to live on campus. However, students may commute from permanent parental or legal guardian residence which is within a fifty mile radius. For more details please visit our Guide to Successful Living.

  • Curfew

    There is no curfew. You may come and go as you please, although all exterior doors are locked at midnight (earlier during break periods). Please carry your Eagle Card and room key with you at all times.

  • Financial Aid or Scholarship

    Your financial aid or scholarship allotment cannot be used for your housing prepayment. If this prepayment creates an overpayment on your student account, the Business Office will process any excess aid and give refunds (if applicable) by the first day of classes.

  • Heater/Air Conditioner

    These appliances are not allowed in the residence halls due to the potential for overload of the electrical system and the potential of fire. However, standard box/window fans are permitted.

  • Housing Application Deadline

    There is no official deadline for new or transfer students to apply for housing. Assignments are made based on space availability and if applicable, the semester charge can be pro-rated.

    The current resident reapplication process does have a deadline posted each reapplication period. This is the only time returning residents will be given priority assignment consideration over new applicants.

  • Housing Assignment Notification

    Assignment letters are emailed to the students’ Tennessee Tech email addresses around mid to late May for fall only and academic year agreements; in mid-December for spring assignments; and mid to late May for summer assignments. The assignment email will provide the student with: assigned hall name and room number, hall opening dates and times, provide roommate name and telephone number and a check list of what to bring to campus.

  • Installment Payments

    Installment payments need to be arranged with the Business Office. For further assistance, please call their office at (931) 372-3311.

  • Insurance

    The University does not assume responsibility at any time for the private property of its students and is not liable for the loss or damage of any article or personal property anywhere on the premises. You or your parents are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover your personal belongings.

  • Late Application

    We do provide housing for all students who wish to live in University housing as long as space is available.

  • Meal Plan

    All residents with a freshman classification and living in the residence halls must purchase a meal plan for his/her first two semesters at Tennessee Technological University. Freshmen living in Tech Village apartments do not have to have a meal plan.  Information regarding these plans can be found on the TTU Dining Services website.

  • Move-In Time Period

    The residence halls generally open on the Thursday before classes begin for the fall semester. Please confirm your move in date captioned within your assignment email letter.

    For the spring semester, the residence halls generally open the Tuesday before classes begin.

    The summer session openings vary.

  • Moving Off Campus

    Once you have checked into your room then your housing application/license agreement is binding for the entire time period stated on the agreement.

  • Overnight Guests

    Same gender overnight visits are allowed. Your guest must register with the hall staff and approved by your roommate. Guest of resident is not permitted to stay for longer than two (2) nights per week. Students residing in University housing are responsible for assuring that his/her guest(s) is aware of and complies with all policies and procedures of the University residence halls.

  • Prepayment - $200

    The prepayment reflects the student's investment in an assignment based on the On-Campus Housing Agreement. The prepayment does apply toward the first semester housing fee.

    If you reside in campus housing during the fall semester and choose to extend your contract to cover spring semester, then no additional prepayment is due. If you do not reside in campus housing during the fall semester, you are required to pay the $200 prepayment when submitting a spring only application.

  • Private Room (Room Buyout Double as a Single)

    Refer to the rates on the Rates page.

  • Problem(s) Within Your Room

    If you are experiencing problem(s) in your room or in any public areas please contact the Office of Residential Life or your housing staff. A student may also choose to submit a work order online. In the event that an emergency repair need occurs during the evening, holiday or weekend hours, contact the RA on duty.

  • Room Availablility

    Residence halls remain open during fall break, Thanksgiving break, and spring break periods. Special housing arrangements may be offered for semester break periods. There will be an additional daily charge for occupancy during the semester breaks.

  • Room Consolidation

    If a student is not assigned a roommate or the roommate moves out of the room, the student remaining in the room will undergo a room consolidation process. It is important that we do this for a number of reasons:

    We need to have additional open rooms to allow students that would like to make a room change and/or get a new roommate the opportunity to do so.

    We need to have more open rooms to allow students who want to have a private/single rooms the opportunity to request one.

    We need to be fair to those residents who paid for a single room versus those that are living in a double room without a roommate and not buying out his/her room.

    With this in mind, the student will need to do one of the following:

    Find a new roommate of his/her choice to move in (this can be anyone of choice or someone else that does not have a roommate).

    Move in with someone else that does not have a roommate (this can be anyone of choice, provided there is space or someone is willing to trade rooms).

    Buy out the room, a double as a single ($525 per semester traditional hall; $750 per semester New Hall North and New Hall South).

  • Room Personalization

    Please review the online Guide for Successful Living under "Your Room" for information on what furniture is provided as well as other room personalization information. We encourage each student to work with his/her roommate(s) in designing and decorating the room within the guidelines set by the Office of Residential Life.

  • Safety

    First and foremost a student must take ownership in his/her own safety. Each hall area is secured by a swipe card door that only allows students living in that building to have access to the building. At midnight all exterior doors are locked whereby only a student residing in the building can use his/her Eagle card to gain access to the building. Each student is issued a room key that works on the entry door to his/her room. Other safety items provided are:

    • Emergency call boxes strategically placed on campus

    • Exterior phones at every residence hall entrance

    • A University police officer dedicated to the halls

    • A hall staff member on duty in each building every night

  • Specialty Housing

    Members of the Honors program must fill out an Honors housing form in addition to completing a residence life housing application/license agreement and prepayment. The Honors program is responsible for roommate matching and room assignments in the Honors housing areas. Applicants desiring Honors housing should choose Murphy Hall as first preference on the housing application/license agreement.

    Specialty housing for Business majors is located in Jobe Hall. An applicant for business specialty housing must submit a housing application/license agreement and prepayment to the Office of Residential Life choosing Jobe Hall as first preference on the housing application/license agreement.

    Engineering specialty housing is open to all College of Engineering majors. An applicant must choose Maddux Hall or McCord Hall as his/her preferred hall choice when submitting the housing application/license agreement and prepayment to the Office of Residential Life.

    I International Hall is located in MS Cooper Hall. This residence hall is not just for international students. More information can be found on the Office of International Student Affairs website under "Forms" sectioned "Housing Forms".

  • Tobacco Use

    Tennessee Tech's campus became a non-smoking, tobacco-free campus as of January 1, 2010. Students, faculty, staff and all visitors will no longer be allowed to smoke or use any tobacco products in all university buildings, on all university grounds, Tennessee Tech affiliated off-campus locations and facilities, and all state vehicles. Smoking outdoors on campus will not be allowed; tobacco use will be permitted only in private vehicles.

  • Withdrawal from University

    Housing is provided for students only. Once you withdraw from school you are not a student for a specific term. If you withdraw from school, you must check out of your room within 48 hours.

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