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New Hall South

Hall Description

New Hall South is home to the Service & Leadership Learning Village, which the students named The Service Station.  This hall has four residential floors in each of the three wings.  It was built in 2004 and is a co-ed hall open to any majors.

A Great Room is located on the first floor off of the lobby and includes ping-pong and pool tables.

Hall and Room Information

The residential rooms in this hall are all double rooms with each having a private bathroom.  There is also an ADA version of the double room as well.  Male rooms are located on the first and second floors of the west wing, first and second floors of the south swing, and the second, third, and fourth floors of the east wing.  Female rooms are located on the first floor of the east wing and the third and fourth floors of the west and south wings.

  • Hall Amenities

    ADA Accessible Yes
    Bathrooms All Residential Rooms Have Bathrooms
    Classroom Fourth Floor, Room 431
    Digital Monitor Display Lobby Area
    Elevators Yes (Two) 
    Emergency Phone Back Entrance (North Entrance) 
    Fire Safety Fire Alarm/Smoke Detectors/Sprinkler System 
    Guest Bathrooms Each Floor 
    Hall Director Full Time Professional Staff/Lives In Hall
    Help Desk Located In Lobby, Room 131
    This Help Desk Services Entire Pinkerton Quad
    HVAC Entire Hall Has Heating/Cooling 
    Kitchen No 
    Laundry Room (Free)   Second Floor, Room 231
    Parking Yes - Refer To Student Parking For Details  
    Ping-Pong Table Atrium Lounge (Off The Lobby)
    Pool Table Atrium Lounge (Off The Lobby)
    Recycling Program Each Lobby (Plastic Bottles, Paper, and Cans)
    Resident Assistants Each Residential Floor/Wing (Typically)
    Security Student ID Access/Security Cameras
    Social Lounge Lobby Area
    Social Room With TV Atrium Lounge (Off The Lobby)
    Study Rooms Second And Third Floors
    Rooms 230, 331 (Has Two Computers), And 332
    Study Room Fourth Floor, Room 400 (Has Monitor)
    Tornado Safety  Tornado Watch/Warning Alarm System
    Tornado Shelter Located In The Basement
    Vending Machine Pepsi Machine Located Atrium Lounge (Off The Lobby)
    Vending Machines Lobby Area/May Have Pepsi And/Or Snack Machines
    Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) Entire Hall Has Wireless Access Points

  • Room Amenities

    IMPORTANT NOTES:  All rooms come with one set of furniture per student.  Any dimensions listed are approximate and will be different than the ADA version.

    We list general dimensions of the closets, window, bathroom, and bathroom vanity area to give you an idea of things to bring.  If you are looking for exact measurements, we suggest you wait until you get here and check into your room.

    Due to the ADA variant, the bathroom and bathroom vanity area will be different than the regular version.

    Bathroom Contains Toilet, Shower, Shower Rod, And Towel Bar
    REQUIRED:  Must Provide Own Shower Curtain And Toilet Paper
    Shower Curtain:  App. 6 Feet x 6 Feet (72 Inches x 72 Inches)
    REQUIRED:  Students Must Clean Own Bathroom
    Bathroom Vanity Immediately Outside Of The Bathroom
    Contains:  Mirror, Sink, Towel Bar, Counter Space, Storage Below
    Vanity - App. 4 Feet 3.5 Inches Wide x 2 Feet 7.5 Inches High
    Blinds Mini Blinds Provided For Window
    REQUIRED:  Tension Rod Required For Curtains
    Bunk Bed Frame Students Can Bunk Beds To Save Space
    For Individual Use:  Frames Can Be Raised Slightly As Well
    Cable TV Cable Television Channels And Important Information
    REQUIRED:  Coaxial Cable
    Chair Sliding Wooden Chair
    Closet With Shelf App. 1 Foot 10 Inches Deep x 6 Feet Wide
    Contains:  Wire Top Shelf
    Desk Contains Pencil Drawer And Hutch With Shelf And Light
    Dresser Five Drawers
    HVAC Ability To Control Temperature On Unit
    Internet Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet And Wired Connections
    REQUIRED:  Internet And Device Registration
    Mattress Double Rooms:  Extra-Long Twin
    Medicine Cabinet No
    Night Stand Two Drawers With Casters
    Phone Standard Phone With Optional Voice Mail/Long-Distance Calling
    OPTIONAL:  Contact Telecommunications For Set-Up
    Recycling Basket Small Shared Basket To Help Students Bring Items To The Lobby
    Trash Can Small Shared Trash Can
    REQUIRED:  Students Take Out Their Own Trash
    Window App. 5 Feet 1 Inches Tall x 3 Feet Wide

  • Room Type Dimensions

    IMPORTANT NOTES:  Any dimensions listed are approximate and will be different than the ADA version.

    Unfortunately, not all rooms are exactly the same size because of the ADA version.  We list general dimensions to give you an idea of the room's size.  If you are looking for exact measurements, we suggest you wait until you get here and check into your room.  If you are looking to bring carpet, area rugs may be your best option.

    Lastly, bathrooms within the rooms can be located near the front entrance of the room or to the rear of the room, depending on the physical location of the room on the floor.

    Double (Two-Person) Rooms:

    App. 22 feet deep x 11 feet wide
    (Dimensions based on deepest and widest points in room)

    IMPORTANT NOTES:  This diagram is based on the regular double room.  Please keep in mind there is an ADA variant.  ADA variant double rooms are designed for wheelchair accessibility into the room and also in the bathroom/shower and the closets are in the middle of the room instead of on the outsides.

    South Double Room Layout

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Hall Specifics
Village Name Service & Leadership Village
Nickname The Service Station
Hall Director TC Crillo
South, Room 132
Assistant Director Ronald Mezime
MS Cooper, Room 204
Faculty Head Shelley S. Brown
South, Room 330
Built 2004
Capacity 358 Residents
Staff Office South Lobby,
Room 131
Physical Address/Map Information
New Hall South 905 N. Dixie Ave.,
Cookeville, TN  38505
Building Code NEWS
Campus Maps Maps