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Cable Television Channels

Cable television service is provided for every room in student housing. Listed below are the channels provided by the Department of Telecommunications. All channels are provided in a digital format. Please reprogram your television when arriving on campus to ensure you are receiving all channels. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions to configure your specific television.

All televisions on campus must contain a QAM tuner in order to receive the digital channels. Those who do not have a digital ready television with a QAM tuner can use a convertor box, DVD player, or DVD/VCR combo which has a QAM tuner. The majority of flat panel or flat screen televisions that are manufactured at this time have a QAM tuner. Please ask that question before making your purchase of a new television.

If you choose to purchase a converter box the iView 3500 STBII has been found to work well on campus and is affordable. This model has the QAM tuner. The unit can be found online for approximately $45 shipped. Be sure to select the cable option when programming this converter box as the default selection is antenna or air out of the box. If you choose to have the box scan channels while antenna or air is selected then no channels will appear. Be sure to select the cable option in setup before letting the converter box initiate a channel scan.

Below are a list of channels available at Tennessee Tech University. 

Channel Name Channel Channel Name Channel
ABC WKRN 23.1 VH1 44.2
NBC WSMV 23.2 CMT 45.1
CBS WTVF 24.1 AXS TV 45.2
FOX WZTV 24.2 Velocity 46.1
CW WNAB 25.1 FUSE 46.2
PBS WCTE 25.2 Z Living 47.1
RIDE TV 26.1 We TV 47.2
MSNBC HD 26.2 Lifetime 48.1
CNBC HD 27.1 REELZ 48.2
Bloomberg Television 27.2 OWN 49.1
Fox News 28.1 Food Network 49.2
Fox Business Network 28.2 Bravo 50.1
CSPAN1 29.1 HGTV 50.2
Big Ten Network 29.2 tru-TV 51.1
MY30 30.1 TV Land 51.2
FXX 30.2 Syfy Channel 52.1
HLN 31.1 BBC America 52.2
Cooking Channel 31.2 Weather Channel 53.1
SEC  32.1 Travel Channel 53.2
NBC Sports Network 33.1 NASA Channel 54.2
Fox Sports 1 33.2 History Channel 55.1
Fox Sports 2 34.1 National Geographic 55.2
Fox Sports South 34.2 Discovery Channel 56.1
Sports South 35.1 Animal Planet 56.2
ESPNU 35.2 Freeform 57.1
ESPN 36.1 Nickelodeon 57.2
ESPN2 36.2 Nicktoons 58.1
ESPNews 37.1 Disney Channel 58.2
NFL Network 37.2 Cartoon 59.1
NHL Network 38.1 Comedy Central 59.2
NBA TV 38.2 E! Entertainment 60.1
MLB Network 39.1 Hallmark Channel 60.2
Golf Channel 39.2 Hallmark Movies & Mystery 61.1
TNT 40.1 POP 61.2
TBS 40.2 IFC 62.1
USA Network 41.1 AMC 62.2
FX 41.2  COMET 70-1
A&E 42.2  EPIC  71-1
Spike TV 43.1  COWBOY CHANNEL 71-2
BET 43.2    
MTV 44.1

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