Staff & Faculty phones are equipped with the latest in voice mail technology. See the information below for some tips on how to make using the voice mail system a breeze!

The Voice Mail Quick Reference Guide gives you the commands you need to navigate the system.

For users who receive a large amount of email, are on the go, or simply want to simplify how they manage their voice mail, Unified Messaging is available. UM allows a user's voice mail messages to be delivered to their Outlook inbox. The message is then listened to using the preferred audio player.

Helpful Tips

  1. First Time Initialization
    1. To initialize your box for first time use simply enter the voice mail system. This is accomplished from most phones by pressing the message button, but some may have a VM key or VMmsg button. You can always dial 6245 from your desk phone if you are having trouble which will allow you to access the voice mail system. The temporary security code is 111111 and will be the initial security code to the box. Upon entering your voice mailbox using your temporary security code follow the prompts.
  2. Change Your Greeting
    1. To change your greeting simply log into your mailbox with your password and press 4-1-3-2. This series of numbers will allow the user to be taken directly to the greetings menu. This is a quick access to the greetings section and will allow the user to change their greeting.
  3. Check Your Mail From Off-Campus
    1. Check your voicemail from off campus by dialing 372-6245, press the # key, and say your name or enter your 4 digit phone number.
  4. Future Delivery Messages
    1. Use the Future-Delivery feature to remind yourself of important events. You will be reminded by the voice mail system via the message waiting light located in the upper right hand corner of your phone. This feature allows to enter a date and time when the system will remind you of your important event. Enter your mailbox with your password. Press 2 to leave a message. After the message has been recorded press # and enter your phone number. Press 0 for more options. The Future- Delivery option is 4. It is that easy!
  5. Time Saver
    1. When listening to a voice mail greeting press the # sign to skip the remainder of the greeting and leave your message.
  6. Skip To End Of Message
    1. While listening to a message press 3 to move forward in the message. Press it once to move in 10 second intervals. Press it twice in succession to forward to the end of the message.
  7. Out of Office Greeting
    1. Out of office greeting allows you to record a greeting for a caller informing them that you will be away for an extended amount of time. When an out of office greeting is in effect the caller will hear the greeting but cannot leave a message. To record an out of office greeting simply log into your mailbox with your password and press 4-6. Upon returning from your absence re-enter your mailbox and you will be prompted to erase your out of office greeting and return to your personal greeting.
  8. Change Your Password
    1. To change your password simply enter your mailbox with your existing password and press 4-1-4. This will take you to the passwords menu where you will follow the prompts.
  9. Transferring Callers to Voice Mail
    1. To transfer a caller to an individual's voice mailbox press the transfer key on your telephone, dial 6245, and follow the prompts. If you need to cancel the transfer and speak to the caller simply press *** and in moments the caller will be reconnected back to you.
  10. Listening to Messages. Read and Unread.
    1. There are 3 types of messages that you may encounter when entering your voice mailbox. Unread, read, and saved are the 3 combinations that can be presented to you. An unread message is a message that is new. A read message is a message that you have listened to but did not save or delete. To listen to all new unread messages press 1 1 after logging onto your box. To listen to all messages read and unread press 1 2. This allows your unread messages to be presented first then your read messages.

The features below only apply to messages that have been sent by an on-campus user.

  • To forward a message with an introduction press 6-6 at the end of the message and follow the prompts.
  • To reply to a message press 8 at the end of the message.
  • To reply to a message by calling the sender press 8-8 at the end of the message.

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