Facilities Phone

The Telecommunications Office offers digital/VoIP telephone and voicemail services to the Staff and Faculty at Tennessee Tech.


This page is designed to answer the most common questions about Staff & Faculty Phone services offered at Tennessee Tech University. To request any addition or changes to your phone services complete the Telephone Service Request Form, and attach that to a WebTMA work order request.  Allow 7 - 10 business days for your request to be completed.

We offer different types of phone instruments. Below are the types along with prices for the instrument.

  • 6-Button phone - $125
  • 8-Button phone - $275
  • 24-button phone - $300
  • 32-button phone- $325

The 8, 24, and 32 button phones come equipped with LCD units which allows for viewing of caller id information, date & time, and duration of the current call. 


Telecommunications offers many options for those who are approved to telecommute, or wish to make their office operations more efficient. 

Employees can request a soft phone which allows the users desk phone to be used on a Tennessee Tech approved device at home or other location.

Also available is Unified Messaging which allows a user to address their voice mail messages via their email client. The voice mail message is converted into a file attachment and can be listened to, forwarded to multiple users, or saved. Essentially it can be treated like any other email.

For some employees another option is to forward the phone to voice mail with the voice mail periodically being checked from home. Another option is to forward the desk phone to a user's cellphone.

To forward the desk phone to voice mail:
Access the desk phone and dial #9 6245.  User will receive a confirmation tone. 

To Cancel forwarding:
Access the desk phone and dial *#9. User will receive a confirmation tone.

To forward to your cell phone:
Access the desk phone and dial #9 9 + your cell phone number. User will receive confirmation tone.

Helpful Hints

  1. The speaker is not working on my telephone. How do I turn my speaker on?
    1. The phones used for the administrative offices are equipped with 2-way speaker capability. This allows for hands free operation of your telephone. To turn this feature on press the MIC button located on your telephone.
      If your speaker has been enabled by following the instructions above you will see a redlight illuminate on your MIC button.
  2. How do I forward or cancel the forwarding of my phone?
    1. When you are away from your desk and you would like your phone to go immediately to voicemail or an alternate number, the forwarding feature is a powerful tool. To forward your phone to voicemail simply press #9, wait for confirmation beeps, and enter 6245. To forward your phone to an alternate number press #9, wait for confirmation beeps, and enter the number. To cancel forwarding simply press *#9.
  3. How do I establish a 3-way conference call?
    1. The 3-way calling feature gives the ability to conference yourself and two others into a conversation. To use the 3-way calling feature follow the detailed instructions below:
      1. Dial the number of the person you are calling.
      2. Tell them to hold for completion of the conference call.
      3. Press the Transfer button.
      4. Dial the 3rd party you wish to speak to.
      5. After the 3rd party has answered press the Conf button on your telephone.
      6. You have now established the 3-way conference call. Remember to dial 9 when calling an off-campus party.
  4. How do I use last number redial?
    1. The last number redial feature allows you the freedom of 2 touch dialing without the hassle of having to look an important number up again. To redial the last number you called press the Redial button on your telephone followed by the * sign.
  5. How do I change my ringer tone?
    1. Changing the ringing tone for your telephone is especially important for those offices that deploy multiple phones in a small area. This feature helps the employees to distinguish which telephone is ringing. You have a choice of 4 different ringing tones.
    2. To change the ringing tone press the Feature button followed by the 3 on your telephone. The ringing tone will be heard across your speaker. Press 3 again to change the tone. After a suitable tone has been chosen simply press the Feature button again to exit.
  6. How do I change the contrast on my display lighter and darker?
    1. To change the contrast of your display phone simply move the Up or Down arrows located at the bottom of your telephone. This control will adjust the lightness or darkness of your display when the phone is on the hook. This button also serves as a volume control when the phone is in use and as a ringer volume control when adjusted while the phone is ringing.
  7. How do I program a speed dial number on my 6-button telephone?
    1. While the phone is on-hook press the Feature button, press the desired spd dial button, input your speed dial number, press Feature.