Telecommunications offers telephone, voicemail, and cable television services to all administrative buildings and residence hall students. Please follow the links for more information on these services.

If you are experiencing trouble with your student telephone, cable television, or voice mail service, please submit your trouble report via the campus work order request system. Click the following link to go to the WebTMA Work Order Request System: WebTMA Work Order Request System

For helpful hints and information about using features associated with your telephone in the administrative buildings please click the following link: Telephone Helpful Hints


Telecommunications at Tennessee Technological University is continuously working to bring you the most recent technology in telephone services.

Caller Identification Service

All student telephones are equipped with caller identification service. All you need to do is purchase a caller id unit and connect it to the line.

Dialing Procedures

  • To dial a local number, operator assisted call, toll free, or 1411 information, simply press 9 + number. No access code is needed for these type of calls.
  • To reach emergency services dial only 911.

Students should be aware that charges may be applied to your phone number when registering for sweepstakes or other services on the Internet. Should these charges appear on the Tennessee Tech bill, they will be passed on to you with a $15.00 fee. To avoid these charges, do not give your Tennessee Tech dorm phone number to any operator or Internet provider. These charges, as well as collect and 3rd party calls are not allowed.

To access or use any optional telephone or Internet service or offering, you must use your personal telephone calling card to do so. When applying for a personal calling/credit card do not use the telephone number in your dorm room for your calling/credit card number.

Voice mail

Telephones residing in the administrative buildings on campus are equipped with a voice mailbox. 

Steps for Initialization

  1. Press the "Message" button on your phone or dial 6245.
  2. When voice mail answers and prompts you for a security code enter 111111.
  3. Follow the prompts.

Click here for an in-depth feature Voice Mail Quick Reference Guide for the voice mail system. Remember, some features will not be active as programming varies from location to location.

Accessing your voice mailbox from another telephone:

Simply press the "Message" button on your phone. When the system answers press the * key then the # key. Enter your 4 digit extension number and you will be prompted for your security code.



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