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Maddux & McCord Halls

Maddux and McCord Hall

Hall Description

Maddux/McCord is a co-ed Engineering Specialty Hall that is a dedicated hall for engineering majors. As a part of the Engineering Specialty Hall there will be a number of activities and programs scheduled throughout the academic year geared towards students taking College of Engineering classes.

Approved Engineering Majors include:

  • Engineering - ENGR
  • Basic Engineering - BE
  • Chemical Engineering - CHE
  • Civil Engineering - CE
  • Computer Engineering - CMPE
  • Computer Science - CSC
  • Electrical Engineering - EE
  • Engineering Technology - ET
  • Mechanical Engineering - ME

The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) floor is a special community located on the fifth floor of the Engineering Specialty.  WISE women make strong academic and personal relationships with other residents, peer mentors and Tennessee Tech faculty with similar interests and career goals.  If you are a motivated woman in science or engineering, join others like yourself who enjoy living on a floor of exclusively female residents within a coed residence hall.  All College of Engineering majors are welcome. 

Approved Science Majors for WISE Include:

  • Biology - BIOL
  • Chemistry - CHEM
  • Geoscience - GEOS
  • Physics - PHYS
  • Math - MATH


    Overall Building:

    • Emergency Phone (located outside the front entrance)
    • Security: Student ID Access/Security Cameras
    • Fire Alarm/Smoke Detectors/Sprinkler System
    • Tornado Watch/Warning Alarm System
    • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)
    • Parking for Residents


    Floor Maddux McCord
    • Recycling Station
    • Staff Desk
    • General Posting Board
    • Recycling Station
    • Staff Desk
    • General Posting Board
    Social Lobby
    • Social Area (Pool Table, TV)
    • Vending Machines (Drinks/Snacks)
    • Digital Display
    • Hand Sanitizer Station
    • Hall Director Apartment Rm 218
    • Social Area (TV, Ping Pong)
    • Recycling Station
    • Outtakes Store (Papa John's)
    • Hand Sanitizer Station
    • Laundry Room 125
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • Water Dispenser
    • General Posting Board
    • Study Room 125
    • Engineering Lab Rm 109
    • Laundry Room 125
    • General Posting Board
    • Water Dispenser
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • Study Room 125
    • Engineering Lab Rm 109
    • Hall Director Office Rm 205
    •  Kitchen
      • Stove and Sink
    • Water Dispenser
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • Classroom 201
    • Study Room 202
    • Kitchen
      • Stove and Sink
    • General Posting Board
    • Hand Sanitizer Station
    • Guest Restroom (ADA)
    • Engineering Lab Rm 315
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • Water Dispenser
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • Water Dispenser
    • General Posting Board
    • General Posting Board
    • Water Dispenser
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • Study Room 406
    • Water Dispenser
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • General Posting Board
    • General Posting Board
    • Water Dispenser
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • Study Room 505
    • General Posting Board
    • Restroom (with showers)
    • Water Dispenser


    IMPORTANT NOTES:  All rooms come with one set of furniture per student.  Any dimensions listed are approximate and could vary greatly depending on type and location of room.

    We list general dimensions of the closets and windows to give you an idea of things to bring.  If you are looking for exact measurements, we suggest you wait until you get here and check into your room.

    Bed Frame Metal, Can be Lofted App. 4ft
    OPTIONAL: Ladder/Rail Requested At Move-In
    Blinds Mini Blinds Provided For Windows
    REQUIRED: Tension Rod Required For Curtains
    Cable TV Cable Television Channels And Important Information
    REQUIRED: Coaxial Cable
    Chair Rolling Chair
    Closet App. 2 Feet Deep x 3 Feet 8.5 Inches Wide
    Measurements Represent Closet Inside
    Desk Has Top Hideaway Table For More Surface Space
    Dresser Three Drawers With Top Hideaway Table For More Surface Space
    Electrical Outlet(s)  6 Plugs
    HVAC Ability To Control Temperature 68 To 75 Degrees
    Internet Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet Only
    REQUIRED: Internet And Device Registration
    Mattress Double, Single, And Triple Rooms: Standard Twin
    Super Single Rooms: Full Size
    Medicine Cabinet Usually Couple Small Shelves Inside
    Night Stand One Drawer With Bottom Shelf
    Phone Standard Phone With Optional Voice Mail/Long-Distance Calling
    OPTIONAL: Contact Telecommunications For Set-Up
    Recycling Basket Small Shared Basket To Help Students Bring Items To The Lobby
    Trash Can Small Shared Trash Can
    REQUIRED: Students Take Out Their Own Trash
    Window(s) App. 5 Feet 10.5 Inches Tall x 3 Feet 10.5 Inches Wide
    These Dimensions Made Larger To Accommodate Most Windows



    These floor plans use approximate measurements. The exact floor plan will depend on the location of the room in the particular building.

    : The double room diagram may not be accurate for renovated halls.  There is no shelf above the bed and the study table is actually two separate desks, but it will give you an idea of how the room is designed.  


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Hall Specifics
Nickname Engineering Specialty Hall
Hall Director Ceciliann Malcom
Assistant Director Ronald Mezime
Built 1966
Last Renovated 2017
Capacity 256 Residents
Staff Office Maddux, Room 205
Physical Address/Map Information
Maddux 710 N. Peachtree Avenue
McCord 720 N. Peachtree Avenue
Building Codes Maddux - MDDX
McCord - MCRD
Campus Maps Maps