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Maddux & McCord Halls

  • Hall Amenities

    Bathrooms Common Area/Individual Stalled
    Classroom Located Second Floor McCord
    Computer Lab Located Third Floor Maddux
    Elevator N/A
    Floors 5
    Kitchen Located Second Floor Maddux and McCord
    Laundry Room Located First Floor
    Learning Lab Located First Floor Maddux
    Security Student ID Access/Security Cameras
    Study Room Located Second/Fourth Floors McCord
    Papa Johns Pizza Located Second Floor McCord
    Outtakes Convenience Store Located Second Floor McCord


  • Room Amenities

    Coming Soon!

  • Room Type Dimensions

    Coming Soon!

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Hall Specifics
Village Name Engineering Village
Hall Director  
Assistant Director Nicole Williams
Faculty Head Dr. Lenly Weathers
Built 1966
Capacity 256 Residents
Staff Office Maddux, Room 205
Physical Address/Map Information
Maddux 710 N. Peachtree Avenue
McCord 720 N. Peachtree Avenue
Building Codes Maddux - MDDX
McCord - MCRD
Campus Maps Maps