Ellington & Warf Halls

Most rooms are standard double rooms, with a few single and triple rooms. All rooms have loft beds (each bed has the opportunity to be raised from a standard height to about four (4) feet). These beds give residents the opportunity to maximize their floor space. 

Hall Information
Village Name Arts & Media Village
Hall Director  
Assistant Director Nicole WIlliams
Faculty Head Dr. Pam Harden
Capacity 193 Residents
Description Renovated Traditional Hall/Co-Ed
Floors Four Residential Floors/Five Total
Staff Office  

  • Hall & Room Amenities

    ADA Accessible  No
    Bathrooms Common Area/Individually Stalled
    Classroom Located First Floor Warf
    Elevator NA
    Kitchen Located Second Floor Ellington
    Laundry Room Located First Floor/Each Side
    Lounge Located First Floor Warf
    Security Student ID Access/Security Cameras
    Study Room Located First Floor Warf
    Video Lab Located First Floor Warf
     Coming Soon  

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