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2018-2019 Tuition & Fees Summary

These costs are an example of in-state, undergraduate students taking 12 credit hours per semester and are comprised of the direct per semester costs of attending Tennessee Tech University. Some courses selections may require additional fees.

For a listing of fees per semester, including prices for each residence hall and meal plan, click here to view 2018-2019 fees by semester.

Expense per semester
Tuition and Fees (12 credit hours) $  4,365.50
Out-of-State Fees are an additional: * $  7,932.00
Resident Hall Room ** $  2,530.00
Meal Plan *** $  2,338.00
TOTAL In-State Fees $  9,233.50
TOTAL Out-of-State Fees (In-State Total + Out-of-State Fees) * $17,165.50 *
*  Out-of-State Residents Only
** Regular double occupancy residence hall. 
***Purple Plus - most popular dining option

View the Explanation of Fees

View detailed breakdown of base fees by semester:

Fall 18, Spring 19, Summer 19 - Current

Fall 17, Spring 18, Summer 18 - Historical

Fall 16, Spring 17, Summer 17 - Historical

Fall 15, Spring 16, Summer 16 - Historical

Fall 14, Spring 15, Summer 15 - Historical

Fall 13, Spring 14, Summer 14 - Historical

Important Information

Enrollment, Graduation, and Records
No student may enroll in new semesters who have debts totaling more than $199.99. No student will receive a diploma, transcript of records, or grade report who have debts totaling $100.00 or more.
Late Payment/Confirmation Fee
Please make every effort to complete the registration process including payment and/or confirmation by the published deadline each semester to avoid the $100 Late Payment/Confirmation Fee. Late registration will be assessed for summer fee payments and confirmations made after indicated deadline unless courses selected are second session only. Late registration will be assessed for second session summer classes on the day after classes begin.
Changes to Fees and Fee Assessment Terms and Conditions
Fees, conditions of assessment, and refund policies are subject to change without prior notice by action of the Tennessee Tech Board of Trustees.

Financial Aid

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