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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does enrollment in the Co-op course constitute full-time status?

When you enter the Cooperative Education Program, you are an enrolled student at Tennessee Tech.  Enrollment does not equal full-time status for financial aid or university facility-use purposes; however, enrollment does ensure you will not have to re-apply to the university or fall under a new catalog listing within your department during your time away from campus.


Q: Am I required to pay tuition for my Cooperative Education course?

Yes, you are required to pay tuition for one credit hour, based upon your admission status of in state or out-of-state.  You may visit the Bursar’s Office Tuition & Fees site and view the Tuition and Fee Overview page for an exact amount.  Each co-op course provides one hour of add-on credit that does not count toward graduation requirements.


Q: When it says I must have completed two grading cycles, what does this mean?

When looking at a student’s academic transcript, the student must have completed two grading cycles, while enrolled at Tennessee Tech, to be eligible (ie. two cycles from the following list):

  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • First, second or full term summer semester


Q: If I accept a co-op position, could this affect my Financial Aid?

Possibly.  As part of your Cooperative Education Orientation, you will be required to speak with a representative from Financial Aid regarding any scholarships, student loans, or grants you may have.  At this time, they will explain how accepting your co-op assignment may affect your Financial Aid.


Q: I will be relocating during my assignment and my address will change, what do I need to do?

  • Do you currently live off campus? If so, visit Awesome Mail & Print (located on the ground floor of the Roaden University Center) or a local U.S. Post Office to pick up and complete a Change of Address form or use the U.S. Postal Service Website.
  • Do you currently live on campus and receive your mail at your campus box?  If so, visit Awesome Mail & Print to let them know you will be on assignment.  They will instruct you how to request forwarded mail, when it is received.


Q: I am currently living on campus; however, I will be relocating while on my co-op assignment, what do I need to do?

If you are currently living in the Residence Halls, notify the Residential Life office at (931) 372-3414 and advise them you have accepted a co-op assignment.  When you return from your co-op assignment, contact Residential Life if you would like to return to the Residence Halls.


Q: I have accepted a co-op assignment and will be moving, will companies pay relocation expenses?

Some employers, especially those located out of state, will assist students with relocation and travel expenses. It is important to have a clear understanding and discuss your obligation regarding relocation and travel expenses before you accept a co-op position.


Q: I need verification I am an enrolled Tennessee Tech student while on my co-op assignment for insurance purposes, whom would I need to speak with about this?

To obtain Verification of Student Classification for Family Insurance Coverage contact the Records and Registration office at (931) 372-3317 and they will assist you.


Q:  I would like to take a course at another institution while I am on my co-op assignment, what do I need to do?

Tennessee Tech has developed course Transfer Equivalency tables with the Tennessee Board of Regents community colleges and other institutions. These tables ensure that the courses as shown in the published equivalency tables are equivalent and meet the standards for transfer to Tennessee Tech in the relevant major.

If you are interested in taking a course while on assignment at another institution, you must complete the Request to Study at Another Institution form. This request MUST be approved by your academic advisor; therefore, you will need to speak with your advisor first to find out if the transfer credit meets requirements for your degree.


Q: When my co-op assignment has ended, can I collect unemployment insurance?

Once your employment with your co-op assignment has ended, you will not be eligible to collect unemployment insurance benefits.


Q:  Can I co-op after I have graduated?

No, once you have completed all degree requirements you are no longer eligible to enter the Cooperative Education Program.


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