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Internships can be very broadly defined and can come from numerous sources. If you are seeking a for-credit internship, it will start with your academic advisor, faculty member or other administrator designated as the point of contact in your college or major. 

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Internships can also be done without gaining any academic credit. This type of internship is most always paid and is predominantly done in the summer months between academic sessions. A great place to start looking for this type of internship would be Handshake. Just click on the jobs tab from your Handshake landing page and then select internships. You’ll have the ability to use filters in your search to narrow the types of internships you are seeking.

Internships can be For Credit or Not for Credit.

Attending campus job fairs is also highly encouraged for students seeking internships. Tech offers 6-7 job fairs per year where internship opportunities would be available. Be sure to check Handshake for all of the upcoming fairs to be prepared.

If you are seeking an internship with a particular organization or company it would be best to go straight to their “career” portal and search for available internships. If you go this route be sure and start your search early. Six months in advance of the internship start would be appropriate.


Applying for Internships › 

Most internships will require you, at some point, to apply online through an organizations website/career portal. Applying for job/internships can be tedious and require you to have information ready. The online application may require you to have previous employers or a list of references handy. This is one reason to have a resume ready to go at all times.


Interviewing for Internships › 

Interviewing for internships is the same as for most other jobs. Students should access the PDF Career Guide for the most up to date information on preparing for interviews. 


Gain important skills and boost your resume!

On the Job

You are interning with a company, non-profit or governmental institution. You will want to prepared for work each day, listen closely to leadership and be ready to learn. Employers will not expect you to have mastery of the skills yet. However, they want you to be eager to learn and attentive. Make sure you capture all of the experiences and skills you develop, they will be important to you later.


Once Your Internship is Completed › 

An internship conducted “in your field” is a very valuable experience. When complete you’ll want to update your resume with the experience as soon as possible and re-load your resume to Handshake. Consult with Career Development on the best way to display your recently completed experience on your resume. 


Update your resume with your recently earned skills and experiences! Make an appointment with the Center for Career Development to work on your resume by making an appointment in Handshake.


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