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Laura Navarro-Moreno andLaura Navarro-Moreno
Jaclyn Kreeger, B.S. Geosciences

After Jaclyn graduated with the class of 2022 and Laura with the class of 2021, they were able to find jobs working at PSI Intertek. PSI is a geotechnical firm located in Nashville and does soil, rock, and concrete analysis for new construction. PSI is currently working on many large projects including skyscrapers that will soon change the Nashville skyline. Both alumni enjoy their jobs of running soil analyses, testing rock samples, and getting out into the field.

In their words, "Tennessee Tech did a wonderful job preparing us for this career through the hands-on portion of classes as well as field trips that allows us to get familiar with central Tennessee and the local geology. Courses such as geomorphology, field geology, and sedimentology and stratigraphy went a long way in helping us become familiar with what we now see every day in our geotechnical laboratory."

As an international student, Laura had the opportunity to develop professional skills at Tech as she majored in geoscience and minored in journalism. Laura served as a field assistant her sophomore year to gain experience measuring water quality. Her senior thesis project focused on structural geology and rock deformation in the Sewanee Conglomerate.

Jaclyn received a TTU Creative Inquiry Summer Experience grant to work on her senior thesis studying the geochemistry of soils from Rusinga Island, Kenya. She spent the summer before her senior year learning valuable lab techniques, many of which now carry over into a full-time career. 

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