Earth Science Alumni - Rowan Freeman

Rowan Freeman, B.S. Geosciences Rowan Freeman

“Hello, my name is Rowan Freeman and I attended Tennessee Tech between 2000 and 2004, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Geology with a Geographic Information System focus.  I headed to New Jersey shortly after and started my career as a contaminated land specialist and consultant, and after nearly six years there, I moved to New Zealand where I have resided ever since. 

“My academic foundation at Tennessee Tech prepared me to fulfill several very rewarding professional roles which have largely involved contamination characterization, remediation, management, and monitoring, across a range of site types (including but not limited to brownfield, superfund, oil refinery, power generation, former gasworks, property development, and municipal).  Ultimately, my work has been focused on assisting clients to fulfill their obligations to protect human and environmental health, whether driven by regulatory forces or for their own peace of mind.  

“I have also recently obtained my Master of Science in Environmental Science and I am a Certified Environmental Practitioner (Site Contamination) under the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand scheme.  My positive experience at Tennessee Tech, especially across the topics of geology, soil science, and general chemistry laid the foundation for my professional achievements to date and so far, it has been an awesome trip!” Rowan Freeman.


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