Race & Ethnic Studies Minor

Race and Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary, 15-unit minor that is available to any undergraduate student! Race and Ethnic Studies courses focus on the study of the lived experiences and perspectives of people from various racial, ethnic and indigenous groups in the United States. The program and its esteemed faculty help create a comparative framework for understanding individual groups, their cultural practices and the relationships among them.

With a minor in Race and Ethnic Studies, students will prepare to engage increasingly racially and culturally diverse societies; explore differences in power as expressed by the state, civil society, and individuals; and analyze perceptions and notions of race, ethnicity, and nationality.

Course Topics

    • African American History
    • American Popular Culture
    • Black Women's History
    • Native American Studies
    • Hip-Hop and Urban Culture
    • Cultural Competence for Professionals
    • Cross-Cultural Communication


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Minor Requirements

To complete the minor in Race and Ethnic Studies, students must complete two of the following:

  • HIST 2060: African American History
  • HIST 2070: Introduction to Race and Ethnic Studies 
  • HIST 3390: Civil Rights Movement History
  • HIST 3910: Introduction to American Indian Studies 

As well as nine additional upper division (3000 or higher) credit hours from the following:

  • ENGL 4712, ENGL 4713, HEC 3100, MUS 4110, SOC 4090, SOC 4210
  • HIST 4390-4399: Topics: African American Studies 
  • HIST 4440-4449: Native American Studies 

Substitutions are possible and may include relevant special topics courses, but require the approval of the program administrator. 


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