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Only one major can introduce you to ancient Egypt, classic Greece, medieval Europe and pre-civil war America during your journey to your degree — History. Learn how wars, economics, social and religious passions have and continue to shape the world you know today.

Mission Statement

The Department of History offers a wide array of courses to diverse student populations. The Department provides General Education instruction to a large number of students in the state-required American history sequence, while Western and World Civilization sequences satisfy TBR humanities requirements. In addition, Department faculty offer numerous specialized courses that attract majors and non-majors alike.

The Department has developed and maintains a comprehensive and successful curriculum for history majors. The programs are designed to provide future historians with the tools and knowledge for successful graduate study in the discipline, and to prepare graduates for careers in education, law, public service or business. Majors are expected to think analytically, ascertain facts and make objective judgments, and write clearly, communicating the results of reasoned analysis.

The department shares with the University both its broader commitment to cross-cultural understanding and its special obligation to serve the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.

Explore The World

The History Department offers 30 undergraduate courses in European, Non-Western and U.S. history, plus it’s structured to encourage you to focus on what topics interest you. Curious about how the American West was born or how religion has played a part in shaping this country? Want to know more about Native Americans, the Black Experience or women’s history? Or maybe the modern Middle East or China’s rise to prominence interests you? You’ll find all the opportunities to learn in the History Department.

Enjoy Small Classes

As you move into upper division courses, you’ll find it easier to delve into the diverse cultural and human complexity of history in small classes led by professors with extensive knowledge.

Prepare to Work

Within the History Department, you’ll find just what you expect from your college experience — faculty members with a passion for what they teach, topics that make you think, question and debate, and a degree that gives you a solid background for a legal, professional or higher education career.



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