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Location: Bruner Hall 235

Given two separate fixed volumes of some liquid, how would you design a pair of containers to store this liquid using the least amount of material possible? The answer is a double bubble and this fact was discovered only a little more than a decade ago. In fact, the solution required the use of modern computer technology. If this sort of cutting-edge mathematical question interests you, check out Tennessee Tech’s Math Department.

A Flexible Program

Tennessee Tech’s Math Department not only provides you with a thorough foundation in all of the major branches of mathematics but gives you the freedom to study mathematical areas that interest you the most. Professors frequently educate students on the connections between mathematics and computer science, physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, earth sciences, and business. Along with opportunities for undergraduate research, participation in math competitions, and presentations of mathematical topics, students can get the type of background employers and graduate schools look for.

A Unique Experience

The Math Department offers a wide variety of upper-division courses, many of which are electives to suit students’ interests. With small class sizes for most of these upper-division courses, you will get personal attention from experts in their field.

A Bright Future

The Math Department features four optional tracks of study: actuarial, applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics. Our graduates are well-prepared to pursue a wide variety of careers. Some of our recent graduates are currently working in the areas of national defense, NASA, hospital administration, research, and teaching. Whatever your goals may be, Tennessee Tech’s Math Department can help you get there.