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Do you enjoy solving puzzles and figuring things out? 

If you are a problem solver, you might want to be a mathematics major.  Studying mathematics trains you to think clearly and reason carefully.  That is one reason why earning a mathematics degree can prepare you for a variety of careers. 


A Flexible Program
Tennessee Tech’s undergraduate mathematics curriculum provides students with a thorough foundation in mathematics and the flexibility to prepare for a variety of jobs.  The  program features four optional tracks of study: actuarial, applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics.

A Unique Experience
The Math Department offers a wide variety of upper-division courses, many of which are electives to suit students’ interests. Small class sizes in these upper-division courses allow students to get personal attention from experts in their field.  Students also have the opportunity to be involved in research projects, participate in math competitions, and attend seminars and presentations by fellow students, faculty, and visitors.

A Bright Future
Our graduates are well-prepared to pursue a wide variety of careers. Some of our recent graduates are currently working in the areas of national defense, NASA, hospital administration, research, and teaching. Whatever your goals may be, Tennessee Tech’s Math Department can help you get there.

Bold. Fearless. Confident. Kind. Resilient.

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