Master's Degrees Awarded

In the following you will find a list of Tech Graduates who received their Master's degree in Mathematics along with the title of their thesis.  Some theses and dissertations are in print in the library, and some are available online by following the directions below. ProQuest is the database used to house our content.  If you have any questions, contact Sharon Holderman (

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  • Master's Degrees Awarded 2020 to Present


    Sydney Clere (Chambers, Veerapen, O'Connor, Liu)
    An Introduction to Wavelets and Multiresolution Analysis with an Application to Digital Signal Processing


    Jacob Copeland (Veerapen, Hetzel, O'Connor)
    Interpreting the Structure of a Quadratic Regular Algebra of Global Dimension Three Using Its Point Scheme

    Seth Agee (Machida, D. Smith, Kubiak)
    Martingale Representation, Girsanov's Theorem, and a Generalization of the Black-Scholes Model 

    Steven Buchanan (Hetzel, Kubiak, Shibakov)
    On the Asymptotic Growth of Some Arithmetic Functions Related to the Mean Value of the Number-of-divisors Function

    Caleb Gilmore (Hetzel, Kubiak, Machida)
    Potently Primary Ideals

    Prosper Tchoumo (Poudyal, Machida, Kubiak)
    Robust Estimation of Lognormal Severity Models


    Thomas Clayborn (Kubiak, Hetzel, Shibakov)
    On Orthogonality in Normed Spaces

    Marlana Hatcher (O'Connor, Chambers, Liu)
    Approximating Convolution Integrals for Laplace and Exponential Fourier Transformations Using Simpson's Rule

    Samuel Hines (Hetzel, Chambers, Mills)
    On the Geometric Mean of the Number-of-Divisors and Sum-of-Divisors Functions

    Kayla Sims (D. Smith, Allen, Machida)
    Bayesian Inference for the Logistic Change Point Model Using Reweighted Parametric Bootstrap Sample

  • Master's Degrees Awarded 2010 - 2019


    Asanka R. Duwage (Machida, D. Smith, Allen) 
    An Investigation of Hormone Replacement Therapy Effect on Breast Cancer using Japanese Study

    Jessica G. Cain (Veerapen, Kubiak, Ablamowicz)
    Defining μ-rank(Q) = 2 on Noncommutative Quadratic Forms Q on N Generators

    Seth Brys (Allen, D. Smith, Machida)
    Residual Based Filtering Procedure for the Moving Block Bootstrap on AR(1) Data


    Dalton Blythe (Ablamowicz, Veerapen, Kubiak)
    On Z/3Z Graded Group Algebras of Extra-Special Groups of Order 27

    Samuel Dent (Amy Chambers, Kubiak, Hetzel)
    An Introduction to Generating Wavelets Through Multiresolution Analyses and on Fractals

    Venkata Sai Manisha Varahagiri (Rafal Ablamowicz, Kubiak, Veerapen)
    On the Classification of Clifford Algebras as Images of Group Algebras of Salingaros Vee Groups


    Hannah Downs (Rafal Ablamowicz, Veerapen, Hetzel)
    Clifford Algebras and Hopf Algebras

    Benjamin Klages (Motoya Machida, Zheng, D. Smith) Non-thesis

    Anna Litchford (Andrew Hetzel, Chambers, Ablamowicz)
    On Finite Ideal Factorization Domains

    Abby Nicholson (David Smith, Allen, Zheng)
    Bayesian Approaches to Logistic Regression with Change Point

    Timberly Singleton (Brian M. O'Connor, Kubiak, Liu)
    Approximating Fractional Derivatives Using Exponential Fourier Transforms

    Padmini Nukala (Alexander Shibakov, Hetzel, Machida, Norden)
    The House With Two Rooms: Collapsible vs Contractible

    Anne Marie Walley (Rafal Ablamowicz, Chambers, Hetzel)
    Clifford Algebras as Images of Group Algebras of Salingaros Vee Groups


    Ayub Haji Ahmed (Brian M. O'Connor, Kubiak, Liu)
    Approximating the Solution of Laplace's Equation in Circular and Spherical Regions using Cartesian, Polar, and Spherical Coordinates

    Michael Burnette (Rafal Ablamowicz, Kubiak, Allen) Non-thesis

    Jeff Graves (Rafal Ablamowicz, Chambers, Hetzel, Mills)
    Walsh Functions as Group Characters

    Keith Terrill (Andrew Hetzel, Veerapen, Mills)
    On the Density of a Reciprocal Basis

    John Welchance (David Smith, Machida, Allen)
    Estimation and the Kumaraswamy Generalized Pareto Distribution


    Azizah Alqhtani (Rafal Ablamowicz, O'Connor, Chambers)
    On Decomposing CG-Modules of Finite Groups Using Irreducible Characters

    Zachary Brown (Rafal Ablamowicz, B. Fauser, A. Shibakov, P. Veerapen)
    Group Extensions, Semidirect Products, and Central Products Applied to Salingaros Vee Groups Seen As 2-Groups

    Leah Frauendienst (Padmini Veerapen, Hetzel, Ablamowicz)
    Notion of Rank of Noncommutative Quadratic Forms On Four Generators

    Bernardino BJ Guerrero (Motoya Machida, D. Smith, Allen)
    The Martingale Framework For Two Sample Problems

    Maged Joseph (Brian O'Connor, Liu, Davis)
    The Use of Numerical Software Packages to Evaluate or Approximate the Integrals Corresponding to the Laplace Transform and the Inverse Laplace Transform

    Ashley Lawson (Andrew Hetzel, Chambers, Veerapen)
    On Factorizations of Ideals of a Commutative Ring

    Erin McCroskey (Jeffrey Norden, D. Kubiak, A. Mills)
    The Common Fixed Point Problem Expanded

    Christopher Newton (Michael Allen, D. Smith, Machida) Non-thesis

    Alexander Palentyn (Alexander Shibakov, R. Ablamowicz, J. Norden) Non-thesis

    David Tidwell (Damian Kubiak, Mills, Norden)
    Steinhaus' Property in Banach Spaces


    Forrest Garwood (Allan Mills, Hetzel, Norden)
    A Survey of the Concepts of N-Connectedness of Graphs and Vertical N-Connectedness of Matroids

    Eric Morgan (Andrew Hetzel, Ablamowicz, Mills)
    Analogues of the Prime Number Theorem in Certain Rings of Integers


    Christopher Hatcher (Michael Allen, Hetzel, Liu)
    Fractional Derivatives, Fractional Differential Equations, and Their Numerical Approximation

    Kehelwala D. Gayan Maduranga (Rafal Ablamowicz, Hetzel, Chambers)
    Representations and Characters of Salingaros' vee Groups

    William Wilhoite (Brian O'Connor, Shibakov, Hetzel) Non-thesis


    Jeremy Daniel (Motoya Machida, D. Smith, O'Connor)
    A Study of Association Measures in Large Frequency Tables

    Curtis Dale Hobbs (Amy Chambers, Machida, O'Connor)
    C*-algebras and Their Representations as Bounded Operators on Hilbert Spaces

    Michael Holloway (Andrew Hetzel, Ablamowicz, Mills)
    On Commutative Rings Without Prime Ideals

    Eric L. Jones (Andrzej Gutek, Liu, O'Connor, Chambers)
    Curvature and Circles: A Complex and Real Approach


    Aaron Hogancamp (Allan Mills, Hetzel, Smith)
    Two Well-Known Graph Theory Results And Their Relationship To Matroid Theory

    Srikanth Potukuchi (Yung-Way Liu, O'Connor, Allen)
    A Study Of Some New Approaches To A Lyapunov Stability Problem

    Quinton Westrich (Alexander Shibakov, Gutek, Norden, Savage)
    Differential Topology and the h-Cobordism Theorem

    Lily L. Li (Allan Mills, Allen, Chambers)
    Some Well-known Properties of the Relaxation Operation in Matroid Theory

  • Master's Degrees Awarded 2000 - 2009


    Sheela Brachey (Rafal Ablamowicz, Allen, O'Connor) Non-thesis

    Matthew Houston (Andrew Hetzel, Ablamowicz, Mills)
    Ahmes Expansions over Certain Euclidean Domains

    Stephen Hoyer (Yung-Way Liu, Ablamowicz, O'Connor) Non-thesis

    Jason Knight (Rafal Ablamowicz, Mills, Murdock)
    Various Methods for Calculating Reducible and Irreducible Representations of the Symmetric Group

    Bertin Nono (David Smith, Allen, Machida)
    Applications of Bayesian Statistics


    Seun Akinwumi (Richard Le Borne, S. Le Borne, D. Smith)
    Numerical Behavior of the QR-Decomposition Approach to Solving the Recursive Adaptive Filter Problem

    Eric Bouldin (Brian O'Connor, Liu, Hetzel) Non-thesis

    Troy Brachey (Rafal Ablamowicz, Hetzel, O'Connor)
    Grobner Basis Algorithms for Grassmann Algebras in a Maple Package

    Che G. Ngufor (Sabine Le Borne, O'Connor, Chambers)
    An Approximation Inverse Preconditioner for Saddle Point Problems Applied to Groundwater Flow

    Brad Schwer (Alexander Shibakov, Norden, Savage)
    Characterizing Topological Spaces Using Topological or Algebraic Invariants

    Donna Tucker (Michael Allen, Anthony, Talbert)
    The Intelligence of Statistical Learning Algorithms

    Songfei Wu (Michael Allen, Machida, D. Smith)
    A Combination Procedure of Universal Kriging and Logistic Regression


    Jared C. Daniels (Allan D. Mills, Chambers, Liu)
    Two Alternative Proofs of a Matroid Reconstruction Result

    Bennie Hodges (Rafal Ablamowicz, Kosa, Mills, Norden)
    Application of Category Theory to Basic Principles of Automata Theory

    Rebeca Lewis (Andrew Hetzel, Ablamowicz, Mills)
    Sufficient Conditions for a Finite Semiring to be a Ring

    Ronald Smitty (Rafal Ablamowicz, O'Connor, D. Smith) Non-thesis


    Barry Thomas Elliott (Richard P. Savage, Jr., Gutek, Mills)
    Overlapping Congruent Isosceles Triangles

    Yu "Leo" Liu (Yung-Way Liu, Ablamowicz, D. Smith) Non-thesis

    Dustin Long (Michael R. Allen, D. Smith, Mills)
    A Semiparametric Approach to Linear Regression

    Dorothy Leann Long (David D. Smith, Allen, Machida)
    Estimating Confidence Intervals for the Fay-Herriot Model

    Gary Starnes (Brian M. O'Connor, Savage, Liu)
    An Investigation of Numerical Methods for Approximating the Laplace Transform and the Inversion Integral


    Matthew Estes (Alexander Shibakov, Norden, Mills, M. Rogers)
    Properties of Infinite Languages and Grammars

    Aparna Sonar (Sabine Le Borne, Ablamowicz, O'Connor)
    Domain Decomposition Based Hierarchical Matrices

    Jianfeng Zhang (Matoya Machida, Allen, Smith)
    Statistical Data Mining Methods in Adverse Drug Reaction Database


    Rolando Navarro (David Smith, R. Le Borne, Mills) Non-thesis

    Cheryl Swafford (David Smith, Machida, Allen)
    An Order Statistics Approach for Testing Normality

    Jun Ye (David Smith, Machida, R. Le Borne)
    Robust Estimation of Extremes

    Ping Ye (Yung-Way Liu, Murdock, Garimella)
    Bound States in Two and Three Quantum Waveguides Coupled Laterally through Boundary Windows with Different Channel Widths

    Qiang Zhang (Ramesh Garimella, Liu, Ablamowicz)
    Matrix Operator on Some LP Spaces

    Shiwei "Devin" Zhang (Rafal Ablamowicz, Garimella, Machida) Non-thesis


    Lynda Buck (Michael Allen, O’Connor, McHenry)
    Edgeworth Expansions of Some Well Known Distributions and the Relationships Between These Distributions with Respect to Convergence

    James Lindsay (Yung-Way Liu, Murdock, O’Connor, Norden)
    Bound States in Three Quantum Waveguides Coupled Laterally through Boundary Windows

    Sean Tunney (Rafal Ablamowicz, Mills, Garimella)
    On the Continuous Families of Idempotents in the Clifford Algebra of the Euclidian Plane

    David Young (Alexander Shibakov, Norden, Garimella, Savage, Jr.)
    Infinite Dimensional Topology and Homogeneity of the Hilbert Cube


    Jiang Chang (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, Garimella, Ablamowicz)
    Image Restoration Using Total Variation Norm

    Zhongming Huang (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, Garimella, Ablamowicz)
    Reliability of the Solutions of Bidiagonal Systems with Applications

    Jianying Zhang (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, Garimella, Ablamowicz)
    Total Variation Based Digital Image Restoration


    Scott Baker (Annie Selden, Mason, Savage, Jr., O’Connor)
    Proofs and Logic: An Examination of Mathematics Bridge Course Proofs


    Devrim Bilgili (Ramesh Garimella, Patil, Breen)
    Inequalities Involving the Maximum Modulus of a Polynomial

    Ben Howard (Jeffrey Norden, Shibakov, Breen, Gutek)
    Set Theory and the Method of Forcing

    Volodymyr Hrynkiv (Rafal Ablamowicz, Garimella, Liu, O'Connor)
    On the Invertibility of some Operators on Hilbert Spaces

    Ellen Smyth (Michael Breen, Mills, McHenry, Ablamowicz, Norden)
    RSA Compatibility with Composite Integers

  • Master's Degrees Awarded 1990 - 1999


    David W. Caughran, Jr. (Nizam Uddin, Breen, McHenry, Patil)
    Some Optimal Row Column Designs in the Presence of Correlated Errors

    Hanif Talukder (Nizam Uddin, McHenry, Patil)
    Constructions of Optimal Two-Dimensional Block Designs for Correlated Errors


    Russell Jenkins (Ramesh Garimella, Breen, O’Connor)
    On Inclusions of L^p-Spaces

    Joanna Leete (Michael Breen, Mazeres, Garimella)
    Maximal Length of a Chain of Principal Ideals in the Semigroup of NxN Boolean Matrices

    Honghong Zhu (Yung-Way Liu, Linos, Norden, Garimella)
    A Formal Study of Dependencies Found in Computer Programs


    Tina Anderson (Edmond Dixon, Mazeres, Khleif)
    The Matrix Equation AX + XA = 0

    Noah T. Colson (Brian M. O'Connor, Dixon, Liu )
    Canonical Forms For Second Order Partial Differential Equations

    Hongxing Lai (S. A. Patil, Liu, Uddin)
    Poisson Process of Order k with Waiting Time


    Eric Trees (Michael Breen, Linos, Gutek, Mazeres)
    Characterization of Layered Graphs and Optimization of Their Edge Intersections


    Bobbi Jo Butler (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, McHenry)
    The Transportation Problem

    Qianyu Chen (Nizam Uddin, Patil, O’Connor, Liu)
    Construction of Universally Optimal Nested Row-Column Design with Unequal Block Sizes

    Leann Link (Jacob T. Beard, Mazeres, Garimella)
    Iterated Sums of Polynomial Divisors over GF(p)

    Kenneth Selvidge (Ramesh Garimella, O’Connor, Dixon)
    A Study of Functions of Bounded Variation and Generalized Hellinger Integrals


    Aditi Badve ( S. A. Patil, Liu, McHenry)
    Hybrid Transform and Related Distributions

    Frank Bin Lu (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, Beard)
    Some Bifurcation Properties in the Lorenz Systems

    Angela Neal (S. B. Khleif, O’Connor, Mazeres, Liu)
    Duality in Linear Algebra with an Application to Linear Programming

    Ren Shan (Brian O’Connor, Breen, Liu)
    Finding the Shortest Paths in a Parking Lot using a Successive Approximation Method


    Marc Campbell (Jeffrey Norden, Mazeres, Mason)
    A Study of Paracompactness in General Topological Spaces


    John Benjamin Daley (Ed Dixon, Beard, Norden)
    Almost Commutative Matrices

    Mohamad Diab (Edmond Dixon, Mason, O’Connor)
    Almost L-Commutative Matrices

    Leisa Hopkins (Reginald Mazeres, Ramsier, O’Connor)
    Some Properties of Cyclic Group Generators from 2x2 Matrices MOD P

    Beth Riter (Steve Ramsier, Patil, Liu)
    A Correlation Coefficient test for Normality

    Kokesh Kadakia (S. A Patil, Ramsier, Liu)
    The Generalized Poisson Process, Negative Factorial Moments and Limiting Distributions for some Discrete Distributions


    Michael Allen (S.A. Patil, Ramsier, Liu)
    Distributions of Two and Three State Markov Chains with Applications

    Dollena Hawkins (S.A. Patil, McHenry, Norden, Mason)
    Distribution of Ratios of Uniform Random Variables with Applications to Roots of Polynomials

    Pamela Nickrand (Andrzej Gutek, Norden, Purisch)
    Transitive and Almost Transitive Homeomorphisms on the Cantor Set

    Craig Knuckles (Steve Purisch, Norden, J. Selden, Savage Jr.)
    Nonarchemedian Topological Spaces

    Stacy Williams (Brian O’Connor, Savage, Jr., Liu)
    Analysis of Subseries of the Harmonic Series

    Maria Pantazopoulou (Alice Mason, O’Connor, K. Kumar)
    Applications of Topology in the Study of Defects in Condensed Matter Physics


    Vesna Cavka (Yung-Way Liu, Patil, McHenry)
    Liapuunov’s Functions and Applications on Stability

    Bhavna Vyas (Steve Purisch, Liu, Mason, Patil)
    Sequential and Subsequential Spaces

    Robert Hebble (John Selden, Mason, Savage, Jr.)
    Locally Compact Closures of the Semilattice of Positive Integers

    Barry Hamilton (Yung-Way Liu, O’Connor, B. Briggs)
    The Singular Perturbation Method of a Satellite Problem

  • Master's Degrees Awarded 1980 - 1989


    Umaru Saleh (Yung-Way Liu, Patil, Mazeres)
    Integral Equation Method of Solving Boundary Value Problems for Laplace’s Equations


    Ayman Badawi (Jacob. T. Beard, Dixon, Mason)
    Non-Unitary Perfect Polynomials over GF(p)

    Kim McFadden (S.A. Patil, McHenry, Mason)
    Poisson Process and Reliability Relationships Applicable to Bathtub-Shaped Hazard Rate Functions

    Ali Noureddine (Brian O’Connor, Savage, Jr., Dixon, C. Ventrice)
    Methods Relating Integral and Differential Equations


    Shelly Forgey (Alice Mason, O'Connor, Mazeres)
    Upper Semi-Continuous Collections

    Shankang Qu (Claude McHenry, Mason, Patil)
    The Distribution of Most Significant Digits For Values of Certain Random Variables

    Robert G. Wynegar (Reginald Mazeres, Mason, McHenry)
    Strategies For The Niven Dice Game


    Felix Fernandez (Brian O'Connor, Long, McHenry)
    Laplace Transform Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Coefficients

    Martha Emily Hill (Brian O'Connor, McHenry, Long)
    The Methods of Jumps as Applied to Fourier Series, Legendre Polynomial Series, and Laplace Transforms

    Raghuram K. Machiraju (S. A. Patil, Mason, McHenry)
    The Reliability Analysis of Nonrepairable Systems and the Development of a New Failure Model

    Fadhilah Abd. Razak (S. A. Patil, O'Connor, McHenry)
    Some Compound Discrete Distributions

    Dewey Dickson Thurman (Richard Savage, Jr., Mason, Mazeres, Dixon)
    Overlapping Rectangles of the Same Width


    Mohammad R. Kafai (S. A. Patil, McHenry, O'Connor)
    One-Sided R-Reliable Intervals and Their Associated Confidences on the Sum of Two Continuous, Independent, Random Variables


    Demetrois P. Kanoussis (S. B. Khleif, O'Connor, C. Ventrice, McHenry)
    Boundary-Initial Value Problems in Elliptic Coordinates


    Lloyd Rabindra Jaisingh (C. E. McHenry, Patil, O'Connor)
    Some Geometrical Interpretations of Least Squares

    Frances Eubank Crawford (Reginald Mazeres, Long, Dixon)
    Concerning Paths in a Rectangular Grid


    Coral Thomas Wallace, Jr. (Edmond Dale Dixon, Long, McHenry)
    The Matrix Equations AX = XA and A*X = XA*

    Wynella Meachum Mathes (Leland L. Long, Ramsey, Romine)
    Power Spectral Density Techniques in Modeling Water Temperature Regimes of Large Rivers

    Adedeji Bodunde Badiru (Leland L. Long, Lessman, Mazeres)
    Stochastic Modeling of Energy Consumption at Tennessee Technological University


    Gary Lynn Slagle (Reginald Mazeres, Savage, Long)
    Extension of the Kaplansky Property to Special Types of Four-by-Four Matrices

    Debra L. R. Hall ( Leland Long, McHenry, Patil)
    Approaches to an Analysis of Covariance Linear Model

    Sharon Reed Lee ( Reginald Mazeres, Dixon, Savage)
    Concerning Square and Triangular Matrices

    Lai Chu-Ai Jen ( S.A. Patil, McHenry, Long)
    Distributions of Ratio Statistics for a Sample from the Two-Parameter Exponential and Gamma Distributions with Applications

  • Master's Degrees Awarded 1970 - 1979


    Debra Tibbels (Richard P. Savage, Mazeres, Swong)
    Congruences with Composite Moduli

    Gordon L. Freeman, Jr. (S .A. Patil, Long, Ramsey)The Development of the Covariance Matrix of the Order Statistics of a Generalized Logistic Distribution and Applications


    Linda Brown Draper (S.A. Patil, Swong, Yoon, Fletcher)
    Mean Square Errors of Estimators in the Presences of an Outlier

    Lisa Randolph Gentry (Reggie Mazeres, Khleif, Dixon)
    Some Properties of Characteristic Equations and Characteristic Roots of Two by Two Matrices

    David Wayne Jessee, Jr. (Reggie Mazeres, Savage, Dixon)
    Concerning Free Groups of Finite Order

    Albert Han-Chu Liu (S.A. Patil, Ramsey, Lessman)
    On the Distribution of the Studentized Bivariate Range from Correlated Sample

    Claudia Torgerson Mitchell (Edmond Dixon, Savage, Mazeres)
    The Power Method for Determining the Maximal Eigenvalue for a Matrix


    Peggy Bishop (S. A. Patil, Buck, Long)
    Biases and Some Mean Square Errors of Certain Statistics in the Presence of an Outlier

    Michael Howard Alexander (James Harris, Long, Ramsey)
    Linked List Structures Applied to a Student File Maintenance Program

    Diane Coleman (Daniel Buck, Long, Mazeres)
    Numerical Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Using Successive Over-Relaxation

    Marilyn Sieben McIntosh (Richard Savage, Mazeres, Briggs)
    Pythagorean Triples and Obtuse Pythagorean Triples

    Dilip Patel (S. A. Patil, Savage, Harris)
    On the Bivariate Truncated Poisson Distribution


    Shelia Ray Tallent (Reggie Mazeres, Khleif, Savage)
    Simple Semigroups and Related Concepts

    Kin-wing Wong (James Harris, Buck, Long)
    Study of A-Stable Multistep-Multiderivative Integration Formulas for Solving Stiff Differential Equations

    Stephen N. Estes (S.B. Khleif, Mazeres, Savage, Swong)
    Positive Definite Matrices and Associated Hermitian Forms

    Lynne Hanson Moorer (S. B. Khleif, Mazeres, Savage)
    On Normal Matrices

    Charles Edward Stevens (Leland Long, Buck, Jones)


    Maw-Wen Lin (S.A. Patil, Long, Buck)
    Estimation and Testing of the Pareto and Exponential and Related Families

    Iris Cauthen McMurtry (Richard Savage, Mazeres, Swong)
    Fibonacci Numbers: Identities and Divisibility Properties

    Evangelos Theodore Skoumbourdis (Reggie Mazeres, Culp, Dixon, Buck)
    Semigroups, Right Groups, and Groups

    Teresa Tzong Yang (S.A. Patil, Savage, Buck)
    The Distribution of the Ratio of Sample Variances of Components of Correlated Normal Population with Different Scale Parameters

    Eddie Bingham (Reggie Mazeres, Savage, Briggs)
    Properties and Interrelationships of Regular, Inverse, and Cancellative Semigroups

    Ei-Hu Shen (S.A. Patil, Buck, Mazeres)
    The Bivariate Distribution of the First Passage Time in Brownian Motion


    Linda Dianne Goulder (Reggie Mazeres, Buck, Savage)
    Relationships Between Semigroups and Groups

    Marcellus Hebron Graham (Robert Briggs, Mazeres, Briggs)
    A Comparison of Second Countable, Hereditarily Separable, Lindelof, and Aleph-compact Spaces

    Dennis Nolan Bean (Robert Briggs, Savage, Dixon)
    A Study of Compactness in Moore Spaces

    Carolyn May Bingham (Donald Ramsey, Mazeres, Briggs)
    Generation Polynomials for Finite Semigroups

    Leslie Irene Hale (S.A. Patil, Buck, Ramsey)
    The Distribution and the Moments of Order Statistics of a Multivariate Normal Population with Common Correlation and Their Applications


    Ching-ta Kao (James Harris, Savage, Buck)
    Comparison of a Pece Method and Liniger and Willoughby's Method for Solving Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations

    Natavarbhai Gordhanbhai Patel (James Harris, Ramsey, Buck)
    Study of Cyclic Methods for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations

    Arvindkumar Kantilal Shah (Richard Savage, Briggs, Mazeres)
    Some Partition Identities and Generating Functions

    David Allen Stults (Reggie Mazeres, Savage, Dixon)
    Properties of E-Inversive and Rectangular Semigroups


    Margaret Clift Hairston (Richard Savage, Briggs, Mazeres)
    Periodicity of the Fibonacci Sequence

    Richard Lee Melhorn (Richard Savage, Briggs, Mazeres)
    Fibonacci-Type Sequence

    Devendra C. Patel (S.A. Patil, Savage, Dixon)
    Distribution of Maximum Likelyhood Estimator of p in the Multivariate Normal Population Having Uniform and Circular Covariance Matrix

    Pi-choa Ko (S.A. Patil, Savage, Mazeres)
    Applications of Waiting Time to Counting Processes

    Edward Wu-Chieh Tseng (S.A. Patil, Jones, Dixon)
    The Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimators for Some Special Density Function and Their Variances

    James Martin Stephens White, Jr. (Bobby Wilder, Briggs, Mazeres, VanCleave)
    Reflexive Linear Spaces

    Nancy Wei-dz Wong (Edmond Dixon, Mazeres, Savage)
    K-Commutativity of Matrices

    Felix R. Hoots, Jr. (Robert Briggs III, Dixon, Swong)
    A Comparison of Covering Properties in Moore Spaces

    James Richard Harville (Edmond Dixon, Savage, Ward)
    K-Commutativity in a Ring


    J. B. Patel (S.A. Patil, Swong, Jones)
    On the Minimum Unbiased Estimator of Common Variance of Multivariate Normal Population

    Francis Ermon Little (Robert Briggs III, Dixon, Ward)
    A Study of Compactness in Metric Spaces

    Gerald Walter Haynes (Bobby Wilder, Briggs, Savage, VanCleave)
    Finite Dimensional Linear Spaces

  • Master's Degrees Awarded 1965 - 1969


    Josefino W. Y. Huang (Edmond Dixon, Swong, Patil)
    K-Commutative Matrices

    Shirley H. Liao (S.A. Patil, Savage, Dixon)
    The Exact Distribution of the Ratio of the Mean to the Square Root of the Sum of Squares From a Normal Population

    Te-chi Wu (S.A. Patil, Savage, Dixon, Swong)
    A Tetravariate Generalization of Student's t-Distribution

    Shyue C. Tao (S. A. Patil, Swong, Dixon)
    Inversion of Certain Matrices and Their Applications to Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Regression Coefficients

    Dong Gill Lee (Ralph Boles, Jones, Swong, Dixon)
    Legendre Polynomials and Applications


    Franklin D. Cheatham (Edmond Dixon, Savage, Ward)
    Theorems on Semigroups

    Patricia Rhea Ware Daggett (A. R. VanCleave, Jr., Swong, Dixon)
    Concerning Topological Properties of Product Spaces

    Julia Ann Watts (Edmond Dixon, Sublett, Ward)
    Some Theorems on Higher Commutators in a Ring

    Tony M. Hinson (Edmond Dixon, Savage, Ward)
    Determinants of Special Matrices

    Leon Harold Darby (Edmond Dixon, Mazeres, Jones)
    Some Theorems on Idempotents in Various Algebraic Structures


    Jacob T. B. Beard, Jr. (Edmond Dixon, Boles, Mazeres)
    Maximal Matric Fields Over a Finite Field

    Elzie G. McBride, Jr. (C. G. Phipps, Dixon, Mazeres, Doran, Boles)
    Hyperbolic Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions

    Bethel Carlton Flatt (Edmond Dixon, Mazeres, Ward, Boles)
    Theorems on Commutator Subgroups


    James W. Lea, Jr. (Cecil Phelps, Boles, Clark)
    The Well-Ordering Theorem and Some Equivalents

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