Environmental Sciences Ph.D. (EVS) - Graduate Assistantship (GA) Information

Requirements for Graduate Assistantship

Graduate assistantships are only available to students who have been admitted with full standing into the Environmental Sciences PhD program.

General Information
  • Graduate assistantships provide tuition reimbursement at an in-state rate, cover the costs of the majority of your fees, and provide a modest monthly stipend. Graduate Assistants are responsible for all fees not covered by the assistantship (e.g. parking pass, international fees, parking tickets, etc).
  • Stipend amount is $2,000/month or $24,000/year with a full tuition and fee waiver.
  • The EVS PhD Graduate Review Committee meets once a year in March or April to make decisions on assistantships and continuations for current students.  If needed, the will meet again in the Fall. 
  • Decisions on awarding assistantships are made by the EVS PhD Graduate Review Committee ONLY.
  • You must first be accepted into the program before being considered for a graduate assistantship.
  • If you receive an award letter through DocuSign, then you have been chosen for an assistantship.
  • Decisions are usually made by April 15th. 
How to Apply
  • Persons interested in applying for a Graduate Assistantship should submit their graduate assistantship application (GA) to Irene Mauk at for the Environmental Sciences PhD program only. Save the application to your computer BEFORE filling it out.
  • All concentrations except chemistry require a signed Graduate Advisory Acceptance Form included with their application materials in order to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship. 

For more information, go to College of Graduate Studies Graduate Assistantship Student Information.

If you have questions that are not on this page, please email Irene Mauk at or Tammy Boles at


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