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Desktop Publishing

  • Concentration Curriculum

    Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies with a concentration in Desktop Publishing

    Course Outline
    120 Credit Hours 
    Professional Core (21 hrs)

    The student will complete their General Education core of 41 hours and a series of Professional core classes that will prepare them to move on to their major selection concentration.

    General Education courses (41 hours)
    English Composition - 6 hours
    Oral Communication -3 hours 
    Mathematics - 3 hours
    Literature - 3 hours 
    American History - 6 hours 
    Humanities - 6 hours
    Natural Science - 8 hours 
    Social/Behavioral Science - 6 hours

    Professional Core
    Select 7 courses from the following (21 hours)
    BMGT 3510 - Management & Organizational Behavior (3)
    BMGT 3720 - Business Communication I (3)
    COMM 3000 - Computer-Mediated Communication (3)
    COMM 3030 - Principles of Event Planning (3)
    COMM 3560 - Intercultural Communication (3)
    ENGL 3250 – Professional Communication (3)
    LIST 3093 - Service Learning (3)
    LIST 3100 - Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving (3)
    LIST 3300 – Workplace Etiquette (3)
    LIST 3410 - Team Building/Workplace Dynamics (3)
    LIST 3500 - Non-Profit Leadership (3)
    LIST 4050 - American Sign Language I (3)
    LIST 4090 - American Sign Language II (3)
    LIST 4093 – Special Topics & Leadership (3)
    LIST 4220 - Professional & Personal Integrity (3)
    LIST 4710 - Workplace Conflict/Resolution (3)
    LIST 4850 - Topics in Organizational Development (3)
    MATH 3070 - Statistical Methods I (3)
    PM 4120 - Organizational Leadership (3)
    RELS 3420 - Religious Diversity/Workplace (3)
    SPAN 3550 – Latin America: Countries & People (3)
    SOC 3910 - Intro to Social Research (3)

    Major Selection Concentration Core
    Select 5 courses from the following (15 hours)
    ART 3210 - Design Studio (3)
    JOUR 3480 - Social Media Management (3)
    PRST 4834 - Design Strategies in Marketing (3)
    PRST 4835 - Ethics and AI: The Good, the Bad & the Unknown (3)
    JOUR 3030 - Principles of Event Planning (3)
    MKT 3200 - Entrepreneurial Mindset (3)

    Electives (40 hours)

    Students will complete 34 hours of any level electives and 6 hours of upper division electives

    PRST 4995 Culminating project (3 hours)

    The Culminating project is a final research paper or real world project in the student’s area of study

    Select a Minor from the following (15-18 hours)

    Criminal Justice* 
    Business Management* 
    Social Science*
    Project Management for Professionals
    Event Planning*
    Communication Studies* 
    Religious Studies*

    *completed on campus

What is a Desktop Publishing Degree?

A desktop publishing degree program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of design principles, studio techniques, and the practical skills needed to create visually engaging materials for print and digital media. Courses typically cover topics such as graphic design, typography, layout composition, and image editing software proficiency. Additionally, students may study social media management to effectively distribute content across various online platforms and engage with audiences. Design strategies and marketing courses teach students how to develop branding concepts, target specific demographics, and market products or services effectively. Ethics discussions delve into the responsibilities of designers in creating ethical and culturally sensitive content. Moreover, integrating AI principles and event planning into the curriculum prepares students for emerging trends and technologies in the field, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset essential for success in the dynamic world of desktop publishing.

What can I do with a Desktop Publishing Degree?

With a desktop publishing degree, you can pursue various careers that involve creating visual content for print and digital media. 

1. Graphic Designer: Design visual concepts using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

2. Web Designer/Developer: Create and maintain websites, focusing on the layout, appearance, and functionality. They use coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as design software, to bring web pages to life.

3. Multimedia Artist/Animator: Use computer software to create animation, special effects, and other visual images for video games, movies, commercials, and other media.

4. Marketing Coordinator: Develop and execute marketing campaigns, including creating promotional materials such as flyers, banners, and social media graphics. They also analyze market trends and consumer behavior to optimize marketing strategies.

5. Art Director: Oversee the visual style and imagery used in print, digital, and multimedia productions. They collaborate with clients, artists, and designers to ensure that the overall aesthetic meets the project's objectives.

6. Content Creator/Editor: Develop written and visual content for websites, blogs, social media platforms, and other digital channels. They may also edit and proofread content to ensure accuracy and consistency.

7. Print Production Manager: Coordinate the printing process for various materials, including overseeing prepress tasks, selecting printing methods and materials, and ensuring quality control throughout production.

8. User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer: Focus on creating intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for websites, applications, and other digital products. They consider user needs, behaviors, and feedback to design interfaces that enhance user satisfaction and usability.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other career paths within the broad field of desktop publishing that individuals with a degree in this field can pursue.

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Desktop Publishing


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