Microsoft Teams

Using Microsoft Teams for Classes

Microsoft Teams can be used for those looking to host virtual class sessions, meetings, office hours, and more. It can also do more in terms of creating Teams where you can share files and information.

What's the difference between a Meeting Link and a Team?

Trying not to confuse you, anytime we are referring to Teams as a software, I will write it starting with a Capital letter. Anytime we are referring to a team within Teams, we will type it with lowercase.

A meeting link is simply created using the steps below in iLearn or through the Outlook Calendar invite. This is a simple link that can be shared with whoever needs access to the meeting. View the options for creating and using a meeting link below with step-by-step instructions. 

A team is setup by the instructor in MS Teams where they have added all students to the team ahead of time. These teams are primarily accessible for Tennessee Tech University affiliated accounts, but you can setup a team to allow guests. View the step-by-step instructions for how to create a team below. 

Creating a Teams Meeting Link

  • Creating a Teams Meeting Link for iLearn

    There are several ways you can use Teams with your classes. We have integrated Teams with iLearn to make this process simpler.

    Single Meeting Link for Semester

    You can setup a link to the class meeting through iLearn. You can have a single meeting link setup for your students to link to anytime you have an online class sessions.

    1. Go to iLearn
    2. Select your course
    3. Go to Course Materials – Content
    4. Select the module where you would like to put this link. If you do not already have one, you can create a Module for class meetings or class information.
    5. Select the Existing Activities button to the right
    6. Choose MS Teams Meeting
      Existing Activities button - select MS Teams Meeting

    7. A window will open, select the Sign in You might have to scroll down inside the window to see the Sign in button.

    Sign In to MS Teams - should pass through with your TTU login

    1. It should pass your Tech credentials across to sign you in to your account.
    2. Click the Create meeting link button (you might have to scroll down inside the window to see it).
      Select the Create Meeting Link button
    3. Enter a Title for the meeting link.
    4. While you are given a spot where you have to enter a time and day, it has no bearing on using this same meeting link for one or all of your class meetings. To keep it simple for everyone, we recommend just having one meeting link for the class if possible.
    5. Click Create

    Create the MS Teams Meeting link

    1. Select the Meeting Options link and make sure that the setting for Who can present? is set to Only Me.
      In the settings, if you want to have a waiting room where you admit people to enter yourself, select Only Me for the Who can bypass the lobby? option.
    2. Click Insert
      Insert the Meeting Link
    3. The link will now be in your Content area.
      MS Teams Meeting link in iLearn
    4. To make sure the link works, select the arrow beside the new link and choose Edit Properties In-place.
    5. Select the checkbox for Open as External Resource
  • Create a Link in Announcements in iLearn

    Create a Link to Announcements

    If you would like to then link the Content link to the Announcements, you can do this by creating an announcement and linking to the newly created Content link. DO NOT create a new MS Teams link in the Announcements tool or you will have two different links for students to go to which will cause confusion since they are not the same meeting link.

    Creating a Link to the Content in Announcements

    1. Select the arrow to the right of Announcements
    2. Choose New Announcement
    3. Enter a Headline
    4. Select the Quicklink icon
      Select Quicklink icon, 3rd from the left
    5. Select Content
    6. Select the Module where the link was inserted
    7. Select the link from Content and it will create a link to it in the Announcement.
    8. You can add whatever text you need for the meeting in the Announcement.
    9. Click Publish

Creating a Team