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Student Resources

All students have access to a Microsoft Teams account using their TN Tech credentials. Students can login to Teams through Tech Express using your Tennessee Tech username and password. Click on the guide below for step-by-step instructions.

How to login

How to download the Teams app

Presenting/Hosting a Meeting 

Using Teams for Group Presentations

Create a Re-occurring Meeting

Re-occurring meetings can be used for office hours, class meetings, or any re-occurring event that you don't have set participants for.  

Using the Meet Now Function

The Meet Now function allows you to meet with individuals or groups, at any time, without having to schedule the meeting or use a re-occuring link. 

Inviting and Joining as a Guest

Chat and Share Files in Teams 

Collaborate in Teams 

Recording and Uploading Your Recording 

  • How to record a meeting in Teams.
  • How to do I find my recordings? 
    • Prior to October 8th, 2021.
      • Videos from Teams were all stored in Streams.
    • After October 8th, 2021
      • Using an Outlook link or calling someone via Teams (Ad-hoc), your recording will go to OneDrive in a Recordings folder. 
      • Using a Team that you created where you added specific users or through the Teams connector widget in iLearn, the recording will be stored on SharePoint. 
  • How to upload videos to YuJa

Attendance Report 

What is the difference in creating a meeting link versus creating a team? 

At Tennessee Tech University, we believe that all students should have equal technology opportunities in the classroom. The following list includes technologies that may appear in Tennessee Tech courses and the accessibility information for each of those technologies.

Teams Accessibility Information

Login through TechExpress 

Download the Microsoft Teams App

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Additional Assistance

For additional assistance please contact the CITL at or call 931-372-3675. 

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