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For faculty who would like to create a professional public web site, they can get an account on our WordPress server. The server is located at and would then have /[username] after the initial address. 

The site can be used for different purposes:

  • Your professional information such as CV, research publications, etc.
  • Course information and resources you don't mind being public information
  • Resource links for your area of interest
  • Information about your discipline for recruiting or information to public

This site cannot be used for other interests outside of Tennessee Tech that are considered a business. 

Requesting a Site

To request access to the site, please complete the request form.

Accessing the Site

  • Once you have been given access and a site is setup, you will receive an email that gives you information about accessing the new site.
  • You can go to and you will use your Tennessee Tech username and password to access the WordPress site.

If you are off campus, you will need to connect to our network using the VPN. You must install it from off campus prior to using.

Once you access the VPN, you can go to the browser of your choice and login as you normally would.

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