YuJa Media

Download YuJa Media Software Capture

To download the YuJa Software Capture software to a Tennessee Tech University-managed device, you will need to go through Software Center on a Windows machine or TN Tech Software Portal on a Mac. 

The software is already installed on teaching stations.

If you are on your personal device, you can download it from the link when you go to create a recording.

Software Center for Windows

  1. Search for Software Center using the Windows Search bar
  2. Open Software Center
  3. In the Available Software tab, select the checkbox to the left of YuJa Software Capture.
  4. Click Install

TN Tech Software Portal 

  1. Open Software Portal
  2. Look for YuJa Software Capture
  3. Click Install

When you first launch the application, you will be prompted to go into System Preferences to allow screen sharing.

Accessing from Teaching Stations in Classrooms and Labs

The YuJa Capture Software should already be on teaching stations. 

  • If you login to iLearn and select YuJa Media, to create your recording, it will automatically log you in. 
  • If you select the icon on the desktop, you will have to select the school or enter your email address and login to your Tech account.
  • If the software is not on the machine, you can use the steps above to for Software Center and TN Tech Software Portal to install it yourself.