YuJa Media

Video Quizzes

Once you have uploaded a video into YuJa, you can create a video quiz with questions overlaid over the video.

View the following page to see how to create the video quizzes and review the analytics.

Creating Video Quizzes

Once you have videos, you can link these to your iLearn course and Grades. 

Add a Link to a YuJa Video Quiz in Content

  1. Select Content from the Course Materials drop-down menu on the Navigation Bar.
    Select Course Materials - Content

  2. From the course Content menu, select the module that will contain the link to the video quiz. For this example, we are using the YuJa Quizzes module.
    Select the appropriate module

  3. Choose the Existing Activities button, then Add YuJa Media. 
    Select Existing Activities then Add YuJa Media

  4. Select the checkbox to the left of Do not ask me again for this application, then press the Continue button to avoid answering this each time you enter the software.
    Message to allow YuJa Media to access your information, select Continue

  5. Select QUIZZES from the YuJa Media Chooser screen and then select the desired video quiz. A link will appear in the Content area. On smaller screens you might have to scroll below the upload options to see the videos. 
    Scroll and select the Quizzes tab to choose the Video Quiz

  6. To create Start and End Dates, select the three dot icon below the video and choose Publish Options and set your start and end dates for the quiz. Make sure to uncheck the No close date option.
    Publish Options for the Quiz
    Enter start and end dates for the quiz

Quiz Notes:

  • The dates set are for the video quiz and will apply the date anywhere that the quiz is linked.
  • The time zone is Eastern Time Zone and closes at midnight.
  • Make sure to uncheck the No Close Date if you add a Close date. 
  • Currently, if you select a specific number of attempts (not unlimited), then the Allow Video-Only Playback When Quiz Closed will not work properly.

Linking the YuJa Video Quiz to a Grade Item

  1. Select the link to open the video quiz.
    The video quiz can be previewed by selecting the play button. The questions are shown on the time line.
    Select the link you created to the video quiz

  2. Click Add a grade item, in the bottom right corner under Assessment, to associate the video quiz with the gradebook.
    Select the Add a grade item... link below the video quiz in the Activity Details box.

  3. Select an existing grade item from the drop-down menu or click on the + symbol to add a new grade item. Click on the Save button.
    Select the grade item from your Grades area to link the quiz to. Use the + to create a new item.