YuJa Tips

We want to make sure everyone understands how to use YuJa, but also what the different things mean that are in the system.

  • Folders vs Channels


    In YuJa, you can setup folders to organize your course videos. These folders can have sub-folders. Using these folders and the information about linking to the videos in iLearn, we recommend using the folders to store your videos for the course. Especially if you re-use your videos. You can link to these videos from any course in iLearn.


    Channels are setup automatically when you access YuJa Media through a specific course. These channels are only associated with that course during this semester and will have to be copied to the next terms channel if you decide to use this over a folder.

  • Linking vs Sharing


    A link will provide access to a video either through the iLearn integration or by copying the direct link to the video.


    Sharing a video is more like sharing a file in OneDrive or Google Drive. It is mostly used to share access to a video to give someone the ability to edit or publish a video you created. This is not the way to share with a student, unless they are helping you edit the video.


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