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Exam Accommodations

How to Submit an Exam Request

  1. Log in to your student account.
  2. Click the "Alternative Testing" button on the side navigation.
  3. Select the course from the drop down menu. Some courses will say "No Alternative Testing Agreement Specified". This is okay and you don't need to worry about it. Our office will get this information from your professor
  4. Select the type of assessment from the drop down menu (quiz, exam, etc.). If you do not see the type that you need, go ahead and click what is available and then in the comments box explain what type of assessment it should be. For example, if you are registering for an exam, but you only have the option for a quiz, go ahead and select quiz. In the comments box write, this is actually supposed to be an exam, but it wasn't on the drop down. We will go in and change this later.
  5. Select the time and date that you are registering for. When selecting a time, you will need to schedule a time between our office hours (8:00AM-12:00PM and 1:00-4:30PM). If your extended time will run into the 12-1 hour that we close, you may need to take it earlier or later. See the FAQ below if you have scheduling issues. You will need to discuss these with your professor before registering in the system.
  6. Select the accommodations you would like to request by clicking the check boxes.
  7. Write anything you want us to know in the comments box. For example, I am allowed to use a notecard and a calculator or my professor has approved me to take this earlier.

Exam Accommodations FAQ:

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