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Thank you for your interest in our office.  If you have questions or you’d like to learn more about us or the resources we provide, then the Accessible Education Center would like to connect with you.   

Our team is deeply committed to concerns, issues, and topics related to access and accommodation in college.  We hope you find the information here useful.  If you’ve visited the website and you still have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Whether you are a student, faculty, parent, counselor or provider, we are here for you.  To learn more about the members of our team, or to connect with us, simply scroll down and check us out!  Wings Up! 

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Dr. Chester Goad

As Director, Dr. Goad provides leadership to the Accessible Education Center. In addition to office oversight, Dr. Goad is heavily involved in administration, compliance, faculty development, best practice, and campus committees. He primarily meets with future students and families, and handles student appeals. He also teaches graduate education courses as requested.


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Ed Beason

As the Assistant Director, Mr. Beason provides oversight and supervision to the AEC budget and the current student case load. Mr. Beason is responsible for ensuring students and faculty are part of the interactive process. He also provides a variety of trainings on campus related to accessibility and technology. Mr. Beason is currently on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Association on Higher Ed and Disability. He also teaches History for Tennessee Tech.


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Tambra Sweet

As Coordinator, Ms. Sweet is often the first stop for newly enrolled and currently registered students. She interacts with faculty and staff regularly to ensure students are receiving academic accommodations. She assists with course coordination, student academic support, assistive technology, and testing accommodations. Ms. Sweet also supervises our office's student workers.


Birgit Hoffman

As the Student Support Associate, Birgit assists newly enrolled students with the registration process, provides support to our current students, and provides assistance to faculty and staff. Birgit also handles the office's budget and provides support to our student workers.


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Hannah Willis

As the Academic Coach, Hannah supports students in a variety of ways. She meets one-on-one with students to provide the support needed to be successful in college. Hannah helps students learn how to navigate college while improving student's study, organizational, and academic skills. If you are interested in participating in this unique program, click the button below to learn more.

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