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Two students talking while sitted on a green field at Tennessee TechThe Accessible Education Center appreciates the interest of parents.  After all, many times, you are the primary reason students are at Tennessee Tech.  You've seen them through their high school years and naturally you have a vested interest in your student's education.  Let us assure you we want to provide your student with the disability resources and access needed to sail through Tech successfully.  

  • Confidentiality

    While we do appreciate every parent's interest there are limitations to the information we can provide. The AEC team is committed to student confidentiality and privacy. Sometimes, students tell us that they felt like everyone (teachers and other students) knew their disability-related circumstances in high school. We want to ensure that the college experience is different. It is our hope that students can make their own choices about disclosure. Some students choose not to discuss disability related topics with peers or professors, and some choose to disclose that information. As adults, that is their prerogative and we wish to honor that. Aside from submitting their documentation to the AEC when they initially register, students are never required to disclose personal disability-related information to faculty or other entities. The only information faculty members will receive once a student is approved for reasonable accommodations, is notification of those accommodations. Instructors will never know specifics about the disability, unless the student chooses to share that. In the same way, we are very limited in the information we can share with parents or family without a release.

  • Release of Information

    Please note that our office has a separate release form from the general university release. If your student has not completed a release form, we cannot share information. If we have a release form on file we may be able to share basic information with you. At the same time, we do want our student's to have confidence that we respect their privacy and their personal college experience, so our office will never disclose information like attendance or the specifics of their office visit information. Student release forms are found in within our office AIM system (the system your student used to register with the office), and they can adjust their release forms at any time.

  • Registering with the AEC is Easy

    The AEC system and process for getting registered is very user friendly. Everything with the exception of the very first meeting can be done online. And in some cases, even that meeting can be over the phone, online etc. Learn more about getting registered here.

  • Documentation

    We often receive questions about the differences between high school and college as related to documentation. Documents and forms generated by the school system (IEP, 504 plans etc.) may be used in determining accommodations but they are not used to determine whether the student qualifies for services. Typically we need copies of the testing or evaluations that were originally used to determine their accommodations. If the diagnosis is psychological or emotional we will need documentation from a clinical psychologist, if the diagnosis is medical, we will need documentation from a medical professional. The AEC team reserves the right to request documentation from a specialist if needed. Please review our documentation guidelines for more information.

  • How Long Does Our Process Take?

    If the student has registered with the office, and has provided the appropriate documentation we can assist in getting accommodation implemented quickly, in some cases on the same day, but typically in a day or two as this does require a meeting.

  • Academic Coaching Program

    Some students benefit from having a little bit of added support, especially their first few semesters in college. We know the transition from high school to college can be stressful and overwhelming. Our office offers a unique Academic Coaching program. The Academic Coach meets with students to help keep them on track, provide resources, and just be there for additional support. While the Academic Coach does not provide tutoring, they will get the student connected with those resources. This program usually has a waiting list. For more information or to submit an interest form, check out the Academic Coaching page.

  • Housing Related Accommodations

    Our office works closely with Residential Life to ensure that qualifying students receive reasonable accommodations related to residential life. Students should apply for housing first, and indicate their requests needs there. The student must also register with our office and go through the Housing Request process. Most of the time that involves a committee which consists of a representative from AEC, Res Life, Health Services, and Counseling. Committee meetings are typically held once every couple of weeks and decisions are communicated to the student in most cases on the same day via email notification. In the case of a Request for Release from Housing, it is important for parents to know that students should never enter in to legal agreements, leases etc. with outside entities before the housing committee has met.

    Housing Accommodation Application

  • Parent Involvement and Communication

    If you'd like to remain in the communication loop with general campus information, calendars, updates and activities, we strongly suggest involvement in the Parent Association. 

    Additionally, if you happen to be a Tech Alum, you may wish to learn more about our Alumni Association. 

    While our door is always open, and we are willing to assist or connect you with appropriate resources on campus,  we suggest that parents refrain from directly calling course instructors.  Faculty have a strong preference and appreciation for student independence and we have found them very willing to talk with students about concerns.  

    If you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact the Accessible Education Center by emailing or calling 931-372-6119. We are here for you! 

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