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Tk20 Data Management System

Welcome to Tk20: College of Education Data Management & Reporting System
For Students, Faculty, Clinical Supervisors & Mentor Teachers



About Tk20

To improve our processes, manage candidate transition points, and track key assessments in program coursework, the College of Education utilizes Tk20, a comprehensive data and reporting system.

Questions & Assistance

Learning Resources Center (LRC)
Tk20 Help Desk
Foundation Hall 173  
Phone: 931-372-3856

  • Tk20 is used for a variety of tasks, including coursework, advisement, field experiences, residency, portfolio-building edTPA tasks, and key program assessments.
  • All professional education courses will include assessments in Tk20.
  • All College of Education students are required to purchase and maintain a Tk20 account.
  • The one-time cost is $133.00 at the campus bookstore or $103 if purchased through Tk20.
  • Financial aid will pay for the account if purchased through the bookstore.
  • Tk20 allows for 2-3 business days to activate the account after purchase.
  • Student accounts are active for seven (7) years.
  • Students and Faculty: Use iLearn or email (without the "") username and passwords to log into Tk20.
  • Students need to check course syllabi and consult instructors for assessments that must be submitted to Tk20.
  • All students, regardless of affiliated major and college, enrolled courses requiring Tk20 must purchase an account and submit the appropriate coursework.
  • All types of licensure students are required to purchase Tk20. This includes, but is not limited to, transitional, add-on endorsement, CTE, INSL, and any other initial or advanced licensure programs.
  • Failure to purchase Tk20 can result in a zero for Tk20 assignments and/or final course grade reduced a full letter.

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