Chemical Engineering

Program Objectives

Within roughly five to seven years our graduate population will collectively exhibit the following traits:

  • Be real-world problem solvers (RWPS) : the graduates of our program will obtain positions such as plant process engineer, design engineer, group leader, production engineering, sales engineer.
  • Be critical thinkers (CT) : the graduates of our program will demonstrate that they consistently make informed decisions through a process wherein they utilize critical thinking skills.
  • Have continued their formal education (CFE) : our graduates will demonstrate that they have continued their education beyond the BS through some form of professional development (not necessarily leading to another degree) or will have graduated from a professional school with an MS, PhD, MD, JD or similar degree.
  • Be working at the frontiers in ChE (FChE) : graduates from our program will utilize and apply technologies such as bio materials, nano- and micro-systems, multi-scale analysis, informatics, group dynamics, and multi-media.

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