Chemical Engineering

Program Educational Objectives

Within roughly five to seven years after graduation, our graduates will exhibit the following characteristics of a holistic engineer:

  1. Be recognized as innovative, societally-impactful real-world problem solvers: the graduates of our program will achieve success in positions (titles) such as plant process engineer, design engineer, group leader, production engineer, research engineer, sales engineer, business owner, inventor, entrepreneur, educator or participant in advocacy organizations
  2. Be recognized as critical thinkers: the graduates of our program will seek multiple perspectives and be inclusive in their understanding of complex topics, effectively communicate and collaborate across disciplines, and demonstrate that they consistently make informed decisions through processes that utilize critical and creative thinking skills, reflective of ethical, safe, societally-responsive perspectives.
  3. Continue professional growth: the graduates of our program will demonstrate that they continue to grow as holistic engineers in their professional development through either informal or formal education beyond the BS degree. This may include, as examples, certifications, participation (e.g. presenting) in professional seminars or workshops, professional licensure, pursuit of research opportunities, or having graduated from a professional school with an MS, PhD, MD, JD, MBA or similar degree.
  4. Work at the frontiers in CHE: With a mindset focused on assisting our society to solve complex challenges, the graduates of our program will promote, utilize, and apply technologies in cross-sectional areas considered frontiers of our profession including (but not limited to) biologically relevant materials and processes, healthcare, environmental and energy sectors, nano- and micro-systems, multi-scale analysis, informatics, group dynamics, multi-media, and computationally-driven processes.

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